thank you letters and cards to farm aid

Blog | December 23, 2015

Farmers call Farm Aid because they know we’re here for them

by Jennie Msall

Since 1985, family farmers have been calling 1-800-FARM-AID because they know Farm Aid is here for them — whether they’re trying to rebuild after a weather disaster or they’re looking for resources to help their farms thrive for generations to come.

I became Farm Aid’s Farm Advocate in July, and I’m the one who answers these calls. It’s an incredibly fulfilling job even though it can be challenging. I never know what kind of situation I’ll find on the other end of the line.

I’ve been struck by the hopefulness of the people I work with — the farmers who call, the organizations we partner with, and the Farm Advocates who have dedicated their lives to standing with family farmers.

thank you letters and cards to farm aid

These notes from farmers remind us of the power of being there to listen and to help.

All kinds of farmers call Farm Aid. In recent months, I’ve spoken with:

  • A cattle farmer in Colorado looking to transition his farm to an organic, dairy goat operation;
  • A contract poultry farmer in North Carolina seeking legal help for the unfair termination of his contract;
  • A young military veteran in Wyoming looking to start his own farm.

Your support makes it possible for me to answer these farmer calls.

The Farm Aid Hotline helps us learn about the challenges farmers face. With that information, we can mobilize resources for many more farmers who are experiencing the same struggles. For instance,

  • In January, we organized the Texas Drought Summit, bringing together Texas farmers, ranchers and service providers to find immediate solutions for farmers and build long-term resilience in the face of persistent drought;
  • When record flooding damaged farms throughout South Carolina, Farm Aid provided disaster funding to many affected farm families;
  • We connected family farmers battling factory farms in their communities with experienced groups to share resources and strategies for effective organizing.

Farm Aid provides support so that family farmers can stay on the land, caring for our soil and water and bringing us all good food.

For 30 years, Farm Aid has been a helpful voice on the line, always here for the many farmers who count on us. Can we count on your support to ensure family farmers will thrive?

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