If Farm Aid’s stage is the heart of Farm Aid, the HOMEGROWN Village is the hands!

In the HOMEGROWN Village, festivalgoers will explore interactive exhibits and activities that engage all of their senses. Food and farm groups from across the country showcase exhibits about soil, water, energy, food and farming through art, games, and hands-on activities. In the HOMEGROWN Skills area, festivalgoers attend skillshares and demonstrations, celebrate the culture of agriculture and go home with new skills. Farmers, farm activists and festivalgoers come together in the FarmYard to meet and share stories. On the FarmYard Stage farmers and concert artists discuss urgent issues.

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What does local food mean to you? What can we build to help us all eat closer to home and support family farmers in our area? How are you growing a strong, local Good Food Movement in your region?

What If We Ate More of What We Grew?

Presented by Salvation Farms

Salvation Farms’ exhibit will give a glimpse into what nutritious food that doesn’t make it to your plate looks like, while also helping to visualize what re-localized food systems in the United States could look like if we utilized the estimated 34 billion pounds of edible produce that remain on farms unharvested, unsold, and uneaten annually in this country.

The Hearts Behind What You Eat

Presented by UConn Extension, HeartCTGrown

Visit our booth and get excited not just about local food, but about the people growing and raising your food and find ways to create a relationship with your farmer!

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Farmers are the backbone of America’s food system and our economy. What does it take to be a farmer? What challenges and opportunities are facing family farmers of all generations and backgrounds? How can we sustain and support the future of farming in America?

Fair Shake for Farmers and Ranchers

Presented by Food Integrity Campaign

Think you’re smart enough to get our toy tractor from point A to point B? Take on the industry and see how you rank against your peers in a “simple” game to test your food and farm knowledge!

Diversity is Our Future

Presented by Gifts of Love Farm

Diversity is our Strength! Learn about types of produce that might be unfamiliar to you! Learn ways to cook, and recognize a variety of crops, as well as their nutritional value.

Food Systems and Equity Lawn Games

Presented by Northeast Sustainable Working Group

What’s in your food system? Come join NESAWG and learn about how the food you eat gets to your plate, and who is helped and harmed in the process.

Snapshot of EcoApple: Share the Love

Presented by Red Tomato

Learn about how local growers prioritize soil health, pollinators, and community through Red Tomato’s Eco Program, and send them a message back sharing your support through social media!

Breaking Barriers for Small Scale Family Farms

Presented by NCAT/ATTRA

Breaking barriers can be fun… Join NCAT Agriculture Specialists and farmers in removing the barriers that family farmers face while creating equitable pathways to larger markets for small- scale farmers.

Mobilizing Veterans to Feed America

Presented by Farmer Veteran Coalition

Farming is a wheel of fortune so take your chance now and spin it.

Farming is Stressful

Presented by Farm and Ranch Assistance Network – National

Destress with box breathing! Stop by to learn about farmer stress and breathing techniques used to foster a sense of calm.

Ag Jeopardy

Presented by Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA

RAFI-USA will challenge festivalgoers with a fun and informative trivia game about how everyone can contribute to an economically, racially, and environmentally just food system.

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Black gold… topsoil… terra firma… No matter what you call it, soil is vital to growing healthy food. What makes soil healthy and what is soil’s role in the health of our land, water, air, climate and food supply? What can we do to better care for this vital resource?

Regenerative Agriculture and Justice

Presented by American Sustainable Business Council

An opportunity to learn about and get plugged into the diverse regenerative agriculture and justice movement and relevant public policies.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Presented by Connecticut Farm Bureau

The exhibit will teach festival goers about the importance of soil health and its impact on our environment, water, nutrition and food.

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Art & Games In the HOMEGROWN Village

Build Mushroom Sculptures!

Presented by Artist Carol Padberg from Nook Farm House, urban microfarm

Join in a hands-on, interactive art studio where visitors can take a turn at weaving, learn how to dye with home-grown flowers, leaves and roots, and even work with the Oyster Mushroom mycelia to make living woven sculptures. These living sculptures will be used for the public event “Meeting Mycelia” on October 2, 2021 at the Keney Park Sustainability Project, in which participants will get a chance to learn more about the many ways mushrooms help create a cleaner, healthier world by creating soil and helping plants grow—and reminding us of the importance of connectivity.

More exhibits and skills demonstrations will be added…

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