If Farm Aid’s stage is the heart of Farm Aid, the HOMEGROWN Village is the hands!

In the HOMEGROWN Village, festivalgoers will explore interactive exhibits and activities that engage all of their senses. Food and farm groups from across the country showcase exhibits about soil, water, energy, food and farming through art, games, and hands-on activities. In the HOMEGROWN Skills area, festivalgoers attend skillshares and demonstrations, celebrate the culture of agriculture and go home with new skills. Farmers, farm activists and festivalgoers come together in the FarmYard to meet and share stories. On the FarmYard Stage farmers and concert artists discuss urgent issues.

Farm Aid 2024

More information about the exhibits at this year’s HOMEGROWN Village will be announced later this summer. In the meantime, for a look at what to expect, check out the exhibits from Farm Aid 2023 below.

Exhibitor Application

The HOMEGROWN Village is about “exhibiting,” not “tabling.” We’re seeking interactive exhibits that are creative, playful and – most importantly – participatory! (Please note: No handouts are allowed in the Village.) Click here learn more about becoming an exhibitor and fill out our application form.

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What does local food mean to you? What can we build to help us all eat closer to home and support family farmers in our area? How are you growing a strong, local Good Food Movement in your region?

Resiliency, Diversity & Equity in Meat and Poultry Processing

Presented by Flower Hill Institute

Smaller, more diverse meat and poultry processors help ranchers and farmers connect with customers desiring to shop their Zip Code.

NWI Food Council

Presented by NorthWest Indiana Food Council

We’ll explore the autumnal equinox and seasonality with a multisensory experience of food, community, and place.

From the Soil to the Statehouse

Presented by Earth Charter Indiana

Local climate solutions grow right in our schools: we are dedicated to helping kids learn about the connections between food, food policy, and the planet.

Farm Stop Food Facts

Presented by Bloomington Farm Stop Collective

Visit the Farm Stop exhibit to learn directly from farmers how to Eat Your Zip Code through education on local food seasonality, nutrition, and accessibility.

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Farmers are the backbone of America’s food system and our economy. What does it take to be a farmer? What challenges and opportunities are facing family farmers of all generations and backgrounds? How can we sustain and support the future of farming in America?

Cultivemos: A Network for Cultivating Farmer Well-Being

Presented by National Young Farmers Coalition / Cultivemos

Show your love for produce with a veggie tattoo, and join us in leaning into and learning about farm stress and how eaters can support wellness for ag communities.

Cultivemos is the network for farmer mental health: come hear stories of resiliency and learn about resources available to strengthen farmer wellness.

Breaking Barriers for Small-Scale Family Farms

Presented by National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)

Breaking barriers can be fun… Join NCAT Agriculture Specialists and farmers in removing the structural barriers that family farmers face while creating equitable pathways to larger markets.

Supporting a More Humane and Resilient Food System

Presented by ASPCA

Test your food policy and labeling knowledge and learn the most effective ways to take action to support more humane and resilient farmers while avoiding factory-farmed food and improving the lives of farm animals.

Farm Policy Trivia Game

Presented by Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Test your food knowledge with our interactive multiple choice trivia game! The game is centered on food laws and the challenging regulations small food producers most often face, and learn solutions that can help producers better navigate the laws and more easily get products to customers.


Presented by Food & Water Watch

Learn more about the Foodopoly, how it impacts consumers and farmers, and how we can fight back.

Farms Reflect Our Farmers: Underheard Voices and Imagining the Future of Farming in Indiana

Presented by Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition

Come talk with young and beginning farmers, listen to stories and podcasts from our farms, and add to our collective drawing of the future of our farms and update your idea of who farms — and what farms can look like.

The Farmer’s Share of the Food Dollar

Presented by National Farmers Union

Have you ever wondered how much of your grocery spending makes it back to the farm? Come and learn more!

Thank a Farmer (Because There’s More than Corn in Indiana)

Presented by Partners IN food and Farming

Farmers are the true rock stars — so swing by and send them some fan mail: we’re highlighting a slew of Indiana farmers so that you can get to know them AND send them a post card thanking them for growing good food and caring for the land.

Real Organic Project

Presented by Real Organic Project

Join us for a hand puppet show (with audience participation) about why farmers from around the world have come together in The Real Organic Project to defend and reclaim the true meaning of organic.

Soil Carbon Initiative: Supporting Farmers, The Heroes of the Regenerative Ag Movement

Presented by Soil Carbon Initiative

Learn about the Soil Carbon Initiative, see first hand what beautiful healthy soil looks like, and experience a tribute to the farmers we’re helping to succeed on their regenerative journey.

Farm Stress and Suicide Prevention Resources

Presented by USDA Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Want to learn about how to talk to folks under a lot of stress but aren’t sure how? Come learn how to open up a conversation on stress, and mental health. Our Farm Stress and Suicide Prevention exhibit highlights practical tools, resources, and skills to assist farmers dealing with stress.

Let’s Talk About Farmer Stress!

Presented by WRASAP – Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program

Farm Stress is REAL, let’s talk about it. Stress lives in the body, come relieve some stress with our karaoke booth, and sensory stations. You can also learn more about what makes farming so stressful, and what we can do to help.

OnMark Certification Services

Presented by OnMark Certification Services LLC

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what’s behind the little green USDA label on your food? Look no further, come learn all about Organic Rules and Certification with us.

Play A ‘Leading Role’ in the Sustainable Ag Movement

Presented by Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

You can play a leading role in shaping a better food system by “walking the red carpet” into the 2023 Farm Bill premiere.

U.S. Right-to-Farm Laws: The What, Why, and How

Presented by University of Kentucky – Right to Farm

Learn about what Right-to-Farm laws do in your state and how you can change them to better work for you.

Accessible Farming for Everyone

Presented by National AgrAbility Project

Farmers are Everyone, a hands-on display of opportunities to explore how adaptive devices help farmers accomplish their goals and the diversity in farming in our nation.


Presented by HeadCount

HeadCount is a non-partisan non-profit organization that harnesses the power of music, culture and digital media to register voters and inspire participation in democracy.

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What are the farm-based innovations, alternative energy sources, growing methods, and models will power us into the future?

Let’s Build Something Together

Presented by Transfarmation

Transfarmation is a farmer-led movement to convert factory farms and make a better future for farmers and their families, consumers, animals, and the planet.

Hemp for Health: Food, Fuel, and Fiber

Presented by National Hemp Association and Midwest Hemp Council

Hemp is Home, Hemp is Healing: Join us as we learn about this renewable resource as a superior construction material, an excellent source of nutrition for humans and animals, while also improving soil and water health.

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Tap the Source

Water is life. The growing scarcity of clean water affects us all. What are the major threats to our water future? How do farmers practice water stewardship and how can we become better stewards of our water supplies?

Block Corporate Salmon

Presented by Block Corporate Salmon

The BlockCorporateSalmon campaign invites you to collaboratively vision the future of our food systems where community and people are the priority and we respect indigenous sovereignty and have stopped all the cash grabs, like GMO salmon, disguised as “green solutions” along the way.

How to Farm for Wildlife

Presented by Indiana Wildlife Federation

Usable wildlife habitat continues to diminish in the human built environment, agriculture, when done intentionally can provide prime wildlife habitat while helping to clean our water and minimize soil erosion.

Map with SRAP: Find out if Factory Farms are Polluting Your Water

Presented by Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (SRAP)

Discover how impaired waterways affect your community, and learn how to collect and analyze water samples for factory farm pollution.

Connecting the Drops: The Ripple Effects of Water Grabs On Our Food System

Presented by National Family Farm Coalition

In the “Let’s Make a Grab” game, Homegrown Village guests will learn how protection of and equitable access to clean, safe water enables communities to feed themselves, lead healthy lives and save the planet.

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Black gold… topsoil… terra firma… No matter what you call it, soil is vital to growing healthy food. What makes soil healthy and what is soil’s role in the health of our land, water, air, climate and food supply? What can we do to better care for this vital resource?

Veterans IN Farming: Boots on the Ground!

Presented by Veterans IN Farming

Farmer Veteran Coalition and Veterans IN Farming- national and local farm resources helping our veterans to continue the mission of bringing food to our communities.

Making Better Soil with Biochar!

Presented by West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition

We’ll be showcasing the basics of gasification and paralysis as we demonstrate what biochar is and show (though photos) the process of making biochar.

Soil Health and Climate Smart Farming

Presented by Pasa Sustainable Agriculture

In our Soil Health Benchmark Study, farmers are also scientists! Interact with tools, see video demos, and hear farmer stories about how soil health, environmental resources, and the climate are connected.

Soil Science for Stewards

Presented by Quivira Coalition

Come learn several strategies to gather crucial knowledge and data about the soil you steward using soil corers, test kits, and hand tests.

The Soil Feeds Us

Presented by Teter Farm

If you want to eat with the seasons but aren’t sure what that means, or how to do it, learn with us by playing our local eating game! Everyone is a winner!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Soil’s Health

Presented by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

See how rainfall interacts with different types of ground cover! Learn how healthy, fully functioning soil is balanced to provide an environment that sustains and nourishes plants, soil microbes, and beneficial insects.

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Willie Nelson marching with sign that says TAKE ACTION

Farm Aid’s Advocacy Action Center

Farmers for Climate Action Week

Presented by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Join us in mobilizing during Farmers for Climate Action Week! Share a cherished food or farming memory on social media to remind Congress what’s at stake and encourage them to take bold action to address climate change in the next Farm Bill.

Land Access Now

Presented by the National Young Farmers Coalition

Land access, retention, and transition are critical to the success of agriculture. Yet, access to land is the number one challenge facing young farmers in the United States. Come chat and dream with the Young Farmers team about equitable land access, and what you can do to be a part of the solution in the 2023 Farm Bill.

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The HOMEGROWN Skills Tent promises to be chock full of learning and fun! Participate in workshops and demonstrations to learn new skills.

Skills Tent Demonstrations

Check out extra materials – think: bios, how-tos, recipes etc. – from this year’s HOMEGROWN Skills Tent participants!

1:00pm — So Fresh, So Clean, So Not Synthetic!: Essential Oil Distillation 101

Presented by Kelly Conaway from Drift Botanicals

Learn how to distill essential oils from start to finish using dried lavender flowers. During the distillation process hear about the different parts of the still, and the best harvesting practices for herbs, and the negatives aspects of synthetic fragrances. Then watch as the oil and hydrosol start steaming into glass bottles.

2:00pm — Crimson and Clover Over and Over: Cover Cropping 101

Presented by Reana Kim from Share A Seed

Never leave your farm (or garden) naked! Exposed soil is prone to erosion and nutrient loss. Keeping your soil consistently covered is one of the best things to build soil health and healthy crops. This demonstration will introduce three staple cover crops (Winter Rye, Buckwheat, and Crimson) and talk through the regenerative properties of each. Learn the ideal times and methods for planting and turning over your cover crops.

2:30pm — Flip it Real Good: Pancakes from a Regional Grain System 101

Presented by Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Come learn about a regional grain value chain and try your hand at our pancake flipping competition! These pancakes will feature locally grown and milled regional grains like: Kernza, population wheat, teff, buckwheat, and rice. Hear about the cultural importance of pancakes amongst farming communities across the world, and what a regional grain chain looks like in the Upper Midwest.

3:00pm — Growing Colors: Making Dyes from Plants 101

Presented by Rowland Ricketts from Ricketts Indigo and Indiana University 

Rowland utilizes natural dyes and historical processes to create contemporary textiles that span art and design. Learn the step-by-step process of growing, processing, and dyeing fabric with indigo in this demo and see first hand how goldenrod and fresh indigo plants can be combined to make a vibrant green dye.

3:30pm — World of Wool: Handspinning and Processing 101

Presented by Lauren McCalister from Three Flock Farm and People’s Cooperative Market

Come learn how to process wool – from skirting, to cleaning, to carding, and spinning gathering. Explore the world of heritage breeds of sheep, how to identify wool by processing standards, how to use discarded wool and when to take your product to market. Let’s weave together a local network of heritage sheep ranchers!

4:00pm — Brooms, Spoons and Magic Wands: Homegrown Tool-Making 101

Presented by Mary Bulan from RAFI–USA, Little Farm Black Mountain

Learn the art of green woodworking using a handbuilt shave horse. This old-timey combination bench and vise is a satisfying tool that can be used to make broom handles, chair legs, walking sticks, and more. Mary will also demonstrate how to make a simple cobweb broom with broom corn grown at her farm. Come see examples of other crafts made on a shave horse and try it out yourself!

All Day Activities

Farm Aid 2023 Seed Swap

Facilitated by Reana Kim from Share a Seed

Farmers and gardeners: Bring seeds from home and come on down to the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent. Meet enthusiastic seed savers, swap some of your own seeds, and go home with new varieties to try! If you’re bringing seeds, please keep them domestic, in a sealed envelope, and labeled.

Homegrown Mini-Farm

Facilitated by Blooming Soil Farm

Enjoy the sight of sheep grazing on the ‘pasture’ of Ruoff Music Center and learn about the many benefits of rotational grazing.

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Farmyard Stage

On the FarmYard Stage, farmers and artists will discuss pressing issues and share inspiring stories showcasing food and farming in the region and across the country.

1:30pm — The Farm Bill: Opportunities for Equity and Sustainability

The Farm Bill is the federal government’s main agriculture and food policy legislation. Passed every five years and currently being written, this bill affects policy and the amount of funding provided for agriculture, food assistance, natural resources and other important agricultural programs. Learn about the opportunity the Farm Bill presents to increase equity in our food system, as well as the ways this and other policies, including at the state level, can support sustainable farming.

  • Greg Gunthorp, Gunthorp Farms, LaGrange, IN
  • Illinois State Representative Sonya Harper, Chicago, IL
  • Nathaniel Rateliff

2:30pm — Diversification for Resilience

The vast majority of American agriculture is industrial monoculture, or the production of one crop, grown at a very large scale. This type of farming is not only resource-intensive, it’s also prone to disruption from both climate and market events. Learn from two farmers who are bucking the trend by incorporating diversity into their farming practices and how it can benefit the land and our food system more broadly.

  • Genesis McKiernan-Allen, Full Hand Farm, Indianapolis, IN
  • Rick Clark, Farm Green, Williamsport, IN
  • Clayton Anderson

3:30pm — Climate, Water and Soil

The climate crisis is changing precipitation patterns and the availability of water throughout the country. Hear about how sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices can conserve water and increase the quality of this precious resource and how lawmakers can support these and other water conservation measures.

  • Indiana State Senator Shelli Yoder, Monroe County, IN
  • Chris Baggot, Tyner Pond Farm, Greenfield, IN
  • Katie Rogers, Teter Organic Farm, Noblesville, IN
  • Micah Nelson, Particle Kid

4:30pm — The Next Generation of Farmers

The average age of the American farmer is 57. Growing a new generation of young farmers is essential to our country’s food security, rural communities and natural resources. Hear from two young farmers about the barriers that beginning farmers face in entering agriculture, as well as how we can address these challenges.

  • Rachel Berry, Prairie Renaissance Farm, Princeton, IL
  • Mario Vitalis, New Age Provisions, Indianapolis, IN
  • Allison Russell

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