Farm Aid Board & Staff

Farm Aid Board

  • Richard Fields
  • Joel Katz
  • Dave Matthews
  • John Mellencamp
  • Annie Nelson
  • Lana Nelson (Secretary)
  • Willie Nelson (President)
  • Margo Price
  • Mark Rothbaum
  • Evelyn Shriver (Treasurer)
  • Neil Young
  • Paul English (1985–2020)

Farm Aid Staff

Carolyn Mugar

Executive Director, Officer of the Organization

When Willie raised close to $7 million during the first Farm Aid concert in 1985, he knew he had to find an Executive Director who could handle the task of distributing all that money. He handpicked Carolyn Mugar, an activist for many social issues, including labor, environment, toxics, literacy, and community empowerment. Being half Armenian, Carolyn started a reforestation project in Armenia. In her “spare” time, Carolyn serves on a variety of non-profit boards, and is constantly finding new hobbies. We’re all convinced that Carolyn doesn’t sleep at night – that’s the only way we figure she could manage to do all that she does!

Glenda Yoder

Associate Director, Officer of the Organization

Glenda grew up on a farm in Ohio. As a child, she helped her mother garden and put food by for the winter. Her chores included heading out to the pasture to find “Jerz” when milking time came around, and spinning the cream separator. Today in her backyard in Jamaica Plain, a Boston neighborhood, she’s still growing food and freezing vegetables and fruits for the winter. She visits farms as often as possible, walking the fields and asking questions. From rural to urban life, good food and music still feeds her soul. Glenda is grateful for the privilege to work on behalf of family farmers, humbled by the extraordinary, creative team at Farm Aid. She’s feeling very lucky!

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“If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.” — Wes Jackson

Jennifer Fahy

Jennifer, Farm Aid’s Communications Director, has been with Farm Aid since 2002. She loves to spread the word about good food from family farms and the important work of Farm Aid. According to Jennifer, the best part of her job is the intersection of people she gets to work with, from fellow staff and the Farm Aid board of directors, to farmers, activists and members of the media. Outside of the office, Jennifer is an avid cyclist and skier, a dedicated dog-mom, and a baker.

Caroline Campbell McCormick

Caroline is Farm Aid’s Operations Director, responsible for enhancing Farm Aid’s internal organization processes and infrastructure so it can thrive and fulfill its mission. She leads and manages organizational planning and budgeting, financial management, human resources, and administrative operations. She joined Farm Aid in 2012 after having spent over a decade in leadership roles for service-oriented, nature-based, and educational non-profit organizations. Caroline earned a master’s degree in public policy with a concentration on sustainable community development from Tufts University’s Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring and appreciating the outdoors with her family, playing and listening to music, and tinkering with craft and design projects.

Steve Snyder

Steve is the Development and Brand Director here at Farm Aid. He joined the staff full-time in 2018 after volunteering to help coordinate all but one Farm Aid since 1997. Steve attended college in the heart of Ohio’s farm country and has spent nearly three decades working on development and branding initiatives for a variety of non-profit organizations both professionally, as well as in his spare time. Outside of work, you’ll find him making the rounds of his local family farms for the perfect ear of silver corn or whatever else is in season, but it’s the day-to-day soul nourishment he gets by hearing from Farm Aid supporters – and witnessing the impact their collective efforts have – that keeps him singing in the shower, and fortunately not in the office.

Matt Glidden

Matt is Farm Aid’s Online Marketing Director. He spends his time making sure everything on our website is updated, sharing Farm Aid videos, and updating our fans on social media with details on Farm Aid’s latest efforts to get good food from family farms to plates across America. In his spare time, he loves walking his dog, skiing, biking, digging around for new music, and traveling the world through his cookbooks.

Caroline Malcolm Fiore

Caroline is Farm Aid’s Development Manager. She’s been a part of the Farm Aid staff since 2010, serving in various roles, and is currently enjoying the opportunity to connect with Farm Aid’s donors around the country and collaborate with staff on ways to engage with supporters year-round. She finds inspiration in learning why folks feel Farm Aid’s mission is so important and loves to share updates about our work. Away from her desk, Caroline enjoys exploring the outdoors, discovering new music, traveling as often as possible and eating her way through Boston’s restaurant and farmers’ market scenes!

Jessica Kurn

Jessica is Farm Aid’s Online Communications and Marketing Manager. She works with web and social media platforms to amplify Farm Aid’s work and expand its online engagement. She studied agriculture and food policy at Tufts University, and has reported on these topics for public radio shows and various written publications. Jessica grew up in Ohio, lived in New York City for almost a decade, and now lives and gardens in Somerville with her husband and new baby!

Claire Kozower

Claire is Farm Aid’s Operations Manager. She joined the staff in 2020 to assist with HR and day-to-day office functions and provide overall support for Farm Aid’s many initiatives. Her passion for Farm Aid’s mission developed in her late teens when she began to recognize the linkages between our most pressing social and environmental issues and our food production systems and policies. Wanting to be part of solutions, Claire has spent over thirty years working on farms, coordinating farm-to-school programs, directing a nonprofit farm focused on food access and education, and most recently working for an international nonprofit providing loans and advisory services to agricultural cooperatives around the globe. Her favorite days are ones that include her hands in the soil, ample sleep and time with loved ones.

Alexandria Ward

Alexandria is Farm Aid’s Farmer Services Network Manager, where she is excited to carry on and support Farm Aid’s work, developing and connecting a robust network of Farmer Services organizations and individuals. Alexandria comes to the Farm Aid team from a varied background in food systems. Most recently Alexandria worked in the farmers market world where she supported a large network of farmers and producers in the Mid-Atlantic. Her work has also included academic research, policy, and advocacy. Alexandria is constantly inspired by the farmers in this country, and the individuals and organizations that have worked tirelessly to support small scale agriculture, and sustainable and equitable food systems. In her free time Alexandria enjoys biking, reading, listening to music, and sharing good food with friends.

Caitlin Arnold Stephano

Caitlin Arnold Stephano - 200x200

Caitlin Arnold Stephano (she/her) recently joined our staff as the Hotline Program Manager. Caitlin grew up riding the tractor at her Grandfather’s cherry and apple farm in Eastern Washington state, and has been working in agriculture, farmer organizing, and advocacy since 2006. Caitlin holds a Masters in Sustainable Food Systems with a focus on farmer mental health. She currently lives in Southern Maine with her family, and loves exploring the coastal nooks and crannies, walking in the woods, and growing her garden.

Molly Carey

Molly is a Hotline Operator here at Farm Aid, providing support and resources to farmers across the country through the 1-800-FARM-AID hotline and email service. Molly joins the Farm Aid team from multiple areas of food system work. After several seasons of farming in Virginia, Molly managed farmers markets in Washington, DC, provided support to a large network of farmers and producers in the mid-Atlantic region, and advocated for federal farm and food policy reform. Molly’s passion for farmer advocacy and food system equity has led her to Farm Aid, where she is thrilled to be a part of a team providing vital support to our nation’s farmers. Though Molly spends most of her free time working toward a master’s degree in Food and Agriculture Law and Policy, she still tries to get outside often, cook tasty foods with the local bounty, read, and listen (and dance) to music.

Tony Glover

Tony is a Farm Aid Hotline Operator, answering calls and emails from farmers across the country and working one-on-one to address their needs. He comes to Farm Aid after a career with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as a farm advisor. Tony holds a Bachelors and Masters of Horticulture and an Education Specialist Graduate degree in Adult Education from Auburn University. Growing up on a farm and working closely with small fruit and vegetable farms in Alabama has given him a passion to help farmers succeed. Currently he is in the process of starting a small blackberry farm with his son.

Rachel Van Boven

Rachel is a Hotline Operator and comes from a long line of family farmers in both North Dakota and Washington. After many years as a teacher, she decided to reconnect with her family’s farming roots. She has worked on a handful of small farms and completed a farmer training with Viva Farms. Along with training to be a farmer, she has trained to be a chaplain and completed a Masters in Theology with a focus on food and farming. She is passionate about supporting diverse family farms and connecting communities with their local food producers. In her free time she enjoys backpacking, making music with friends, and growing food in her local community garden.

Lori Mercer

Lori is a recent addition to the Farm Aid staff, having joined as a Hotline Operator in 2021. After a three-decade career in private practice audiology, the urgency of climate change prompted a need to change vocations in order to participate more directly in contributing to a solution. She returned to graduate school via Washington State University and emerged in 2019 with an MS in Agriculture with a focus in food systems and agroecology. Since then, she’s worked directly with local family farmers in the agriculturally rich valleys surrounding the Seattle area. Directly supporting farmers and ranchers, especially in this era of great upheaval, is an honor and responsibility she embraces. In her spare time, Lori plays the bagpipes, participates in her church’s regenerative garden and travels whenever possible.

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