Farm Aid Board & Staff

Farm Aid Board

  • David Anderson
  • Paul English
  • Richard Fields
  • Joel Katz
  • Dave Matthews
  • John Mellencamp
  • Lana Nelson (Secretary)
  • Willie Nelson (President)
  • Mark Rothbaum
  • Evelyn Shriver (Treasurer)
  • Neil Young

Development Advisory Council

  • Yan Besner
  • Tim Bucher
  • Will Dailey
  • The DeFeo Family
  • M. Lavin
  • Robert & Kaci Lyford
  • Cheryl Pawelski
  • Randy Poe

Farm Aid Staff

Carolyn Mugar

Executive Director, Officer of the Organization

Carolyn mugar
When Willie raised close to $7 million during the first Farm Aid concert in 1985, he knew he had to find an Executive Director who could handle the task of distributing all that money. He handpicked Carolyn Mugar, an activist for many social issues, including labor, environment, toxics, literacy, and community empowerment. Being half Armenian, Carolyn started a reforestation project in Armenia. In her “spare” time, Carolyn serves on a variety of non-profit boards, and is constantly finding new hobbies. We’re all convinced that Carolyn doesn’t sleep at night – that’s the only way we figure she could manage to do all that she does!

Glenda Yoder

Associate Director, Officer of the Organization

Glenda yoder
Glenda grew up on a farm in Ohio. As a child, she helped her mother garden and put food by for the winter. Her chores included heading out to the pasture to find “Jerz” when milking time came around, and spinning the cream separator. Today in her backyard in Jamaica Plain, a Boston neighborhood, she’s still growing food and freezing vegetables and fruits for the winter. She visits farms as often as possible, walking the fields and asking questions. From rural to urban life, good food and music still feeds her soul. Glenda is grateful for the privilege to work on behalf of family farmers, humbled by the extraordinary, creative team at Farm Aid. She’s feeling very lucky!

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“If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.” — Wes Jackson

Jennifer Fahy

Jennifer fahy
Jennifer, Farm Aid’s Communications Director, has been with Farm Aid since 2002. She loves to spread the word about good food from family farms and the important work of Farm Aid. According to Jennifer, the best part of her job is the intersection of people she gets to work with, from fellow staff and the Farm Aid board of directors, to farmers, activists and members of the media. Outside of the office, Jennifer is an avid cyclist and skier, a dedicated dog-mom, and a baker.

Caroline Campbell McCormick

Caroline is Farm Aid’s Operations Director, responsible for enhancing Farm Aid’s internal organization processes and infrastructure so it can thrive and fulfill its mission. She leads and manages organizational planning and budgeting, financial management, human resources, and administrative operations. She joined Farm Aid in 2012 after having spent over a decade in leadership roles for service-oriented, nature-based, and educational non-profit organizations. Caroline earned a master’s degree in public policy with a concentration on sustainable community development from Tufts University’s Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring and appreciating the outdoors with her family, playing and listening to music, and tinkering with craft and design projects.

Matt Glidden

Matt Glidden
Matt is Farm Aid’s Online Marketing Director. He spends his time making sure everything on our website is updated, sharing Farm Aid videos, and updating our fans on social media with details on Farm Aid’s latest efforts to get good food from family farms to plates across America. In his spare time, he loves skiing, biking, walking his dog, digging around for new music, and traveling the world through his cookbooks.

Alicia Harvie

alicia-2017Alicia is Farm Aid’s Advocacy & Issues Director, where she guides advocacy, research, issues analysis and policy related activities to advance Farm Aid’s mission and goals. Alicia was born in Exeter, New Hampshire and grew up in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, with the state’s beautiful rural landscape at her fingertips. Alicia has a masters degree in Agricultural & Environmental Science and Policy from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Her previous work includes research into U.S. farm household economics and a year spent interviewing farmers across several states for her undergraduate thesis. Alicia is a self-titled music junkie. When not seen singing to tunes on her iPod, she is probably hiking, cooking, or traveling.

Caroline Malcolm Fiore

caroline_malcolm-2017Caroline is Farm Aid’s Development Manager. She’s been a part of the Farm Aid staff since 2010, serving in various roles, and is currently enjoying the opportunity to connect with Farm Aid’s donor around the country and collaborate with staff on ways to engage with supporters year-round. She finds inspiration in learning why folks feel Farm Aid’s mission is so important and loves to share updates about our work. Away from her desk, Caroline enjoys exploring the outdoors, discovering new music, traveling as often as possible and eating her way through Boston’s restaurant and farmers’ market scenes!

Jessica Ilyse Kurn

Jessica Kurn
Jessica is Farm Aid’s Online Communications Specialist. She works with web and social media platforms to amplify Farm Aid’s work and expand its online engagement. She studied agriculture and food policy at Tufts University, and has reported on these topics for public radio shows and various written publications. Jessica grew up in Ohio, lived in New York City for almost a decade, and now lives and gardens in Somerville with her husband and new baby!

Don Graham

Don is Farm Aid’s Office Manager, supporting the daily administrative functions of the organization. He joined Farm Aid after working in higher education for four years and is excited to be part of an organization that serves such an important community. He feels especially fortunate that the group’s mission involves one of his biggest passions outside of work – music! When he’s not in the office, Don also enjoys the outdoors and traveling.

Joe Schroeder

Joe is Farm Aid’s Farm Advocate and provides a listening ear and critical connections for farmers across the country. He guides the strategic development and management of the Farm Advocate Link, a national network of farm advocacy organizations and individuals. Joe comes with a more than a decade of experience working with farmers, advocates and farm based organizations. When he’s not on the phone with farmers or juggling his toddlers he enjoys gardening, playing music and traveling.

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