Farm Aid 2021 will take place on Saturday, September 25, at Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut.

Tickets Available Now

Tickets for Farm Aid 2021 are available through

“The experience of the past 18 months has reminded us how much we need each other. I’m so glad we can come together again at Farm Aid 2021. When we combine music, family farmers and good food, we have the power to grow the kind of agriculture that strengthens all of us.” — Willie Nelson

Resale Policy

If you purchased Farm Aid 2021 tickets directly in a Farm Aid pre-sale or from an artist’s fan club, you may not resell them. Farm Aid reserves the right to void any tickets found to be in violation of this policy without issuing a refund. Holders of voided tickets will be denied access to the venue.

This is our effort to thwart the re-sale market. However, many re-sellers have possession of Farm Aid tickets, and this is not prohibited by law. They are charging what the market will bear. Unfortunately, all mark-up over the face value of the ticket does not accrue to Farm Aid. (We’re as unhappy with resellers as you are; unfortunately it is out of our control.)

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