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HOMEGROWN Youthmarket

Have you ever seen a pyramid of apples, a box of pears, a cluster of grapes or a basket of cherries for sale at a music festival? Probably not, but Farm Aid festivals are different that way!

Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Youthmarket is on a mission to expand the reach of fresh, local family farm produce to live music venues! You’re there for good music, but shouldn’t you have access to good food too? In addition to bringing farm fresh food to concert venues, HOMEGROWN Youthmarket creates opportunities for youth at Farm Aid festivals and beyond. It’s all part of Farm Aid’s own HOMEGROWN Concessions®.


Young people set up the farmers market stand to sell fresh fruit and homemade baked goods while enjoying a day of music from the Farm Aid stage. Farm Aid offers these young people an opportunity to expand their hospitality and sales skills, earn a paycheck and appreciate a deeper connection to local farmers and the food they grow. Festivalgoers love meeting these energetic young people, many of whom are already farming or experienced in food and farming enterprises.

Farm Aid’s Youthmarket is all about good food from family farmers, empowering the next generation, and making your festival experience as delicious as possible!

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