Blog | 07.10.19

Raise your voice for family farmers with me at Farm Aid 2019

Blog | 03.19.19

A PotLuck for Family Farmers

Blog | 12.20.18

Farm Aid’s 2019 Plans: We won’t stop fighting for family farmers

Blog | 12.12.18

Too many farmers worry this will be their farm’s last year

Blog | 12.07.18

Resilience: Having the courage to persevere

Blog | 12.05.18

Join me in fighting for family farmers

Blog | 11.19.18

Giving Thanks on Giving Tuesday

Blog | 07.05.18

“We don’t run, we don’t compromise. We don’t quit; we never do.”

Blog | 04.11.18

In 2017, Farm Aid tripled our emergency grants to farmers

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