Seedlings in sun

Blog | May 16, 2023

Thoughts of hope and renewal for healthy soil and clean air

by Steve Snyder

Family farmers and ranchers have always depended on our natural resources to grow the good food we all need. Unpredictable factors such as weather have made them adaptive, innovative and resilient. But the unprecedented extremes caused by climate change now threaten the delicate ecosystems they rely upon.

"Farm Aid stands for family farmers and ranchers and the important role they play as stewards of the land." – Willie Nelson

Severe droughts, heat waves and wildfires that turn crops to dust. Stronger storms and record floods that destroy buildings, equipment and wash away precious topsoil. When farm productivity and supply chains are disrupted, it doesn’t just affect our farmers. We all feel the impact – especially vulnerable communities that already lack good access to fresh healthy foods.

Sending thoughts of hope and renewal for healthy soil and clean air, gentle rain and warm sun to swell the seeds and help them grow.

Farm Aid works every day to strengthen family farms and rural communities by connecting farmers to resources and strategies that promote sustainable, climate-resistant agriculture and equity across our food system. By prioritizing communities over corporations, we can ensure everyone has access to food that is good for their health and the health of our soil and water.

Your gift to support family farmers now makes a real difference for family farmers right when they need it most. Please make a donation today to show them just how much the good food they grow means to you.

As a small token of our thanks, we’ll be glad to send you a Farm Aid apron with your generous gift of $100 or more (while supplies last) so you can show your support of family farmers by the grill, or in the kitchen, garden, workshop, or garage!

Farm Aid Apron: Give $100 or more, get a Farm Aid ApronFarmers are a vital part of the solution to climate change, and your support of Farm Aid is vital, too. Please make a gift right now to help us continue to keep our family farmers on the land where they belong as essential stewards of our natural resources.

Thank you!

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