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On this page you can find resources produced by the Cultivemos network. Check out the podcasts and resource guides below, or visit the Cultivemos microsite to learn more about the project.

Agriculture is an economic and social bedrock of the United States, yet for decades, farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers have endured growing challenges that increase their levels of stress.

Cultivemos (formerly known as FRSAN-NE, the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Northeast) aims to improve behavioral health awareness, literacy, access, and outcomes for farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers in the Northeast by developing a service provider network that can assist and meet the unique needs of agricultural workers.

Read an interview with some members of our Farmer Services team involved in the Cultivemos work.

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Resources for Farmworkers & Latines Farmers and Farmworkers
Communities — LGBTQIA, QTBIPOC
Resources, Webinars, & Presentation Guides
Stronger Together

Resources for Farmworkers & Latines Farmers and Farmworkers

Managing Finances in the US | Financial and Health Literacy for Farmworkers

Farmworkers have new financial and health literacy resources available to help them navigate the US financial and health care systems thanks to a collaborative effort with several Northeast Universities, farm business owners, and Cultivemos. Below are the resources that include how-to financial case studies, worksheets, videos, PowerPoint lessons, and a user guide for farm business owners and farmworker service providers. The resources are available in both Spanish and English and are as follows:


Cápsulas de Bienestar

This series, all in Spanish, by the Agricultores Latines de Vermont focuses on wellbeing and community. Enjoy these videos of folks sharing their experience learning together about wellbeing, mental health, and how to respond in cases of mental health crisis. Check the videos out here. 

El grupo de bienestar de Agricultores de Vermont presenta una serie de cápsulas de Bienestar para compartir su experiencia comunitaria al aprender juntes sobre bienestar, salud mental y cómo actuar en casos de crisis de salud mental. Acompañanos en esta cápsula a escuchar a Emilia. Ella nos habla de cómo reconocer la importancia de nuestro papel en la agricultura de papel nos da seguridad, nos devuelve dignidad y confianza. Verlos aquí.

La Fuerza Latina

Los que siembran con sus manos cosechan con el corazón / Those who sow with their hands harvest with their heart

This magazine, all in Spanish, was created by the La Fuerza Latina group, who discover and share stories of hope, inspiration, strategy, and offer a shared vision of the future, where historically underserved communities have the resources they need to thrive. Check it out here. 


Cultivating Resilience Podcast

Cultivating Resilience podcast logo

Check out the podcast Cultivating Resilience on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts!

If you’re a farmer, you know the joys of working the land. You also know how stressful it can be—from family and financial pressures, to isolation and an exhausting job that has zero days off. In fact, agricultural workers experience suicide rates that are 50% higher than the national average, and that number is rising.

On the Cultivating Resilience podcast, farm care starts with self-care. Hear from other farmers about the struggles they face every day and how they are overcoming them. Get connected to #farmermentalhealth resources and a community where farmers and ranchers can support each other when you tune in.

Listen to Cultivating Resilience on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast streaming service. Share the show with someone you think it may help.

Mending Our Fences Podcast

Delaware Cooperative Extension and the Extension Cohort for Cultivemos are pleased to announce Mending Our Fences, a new podcast on farm stress, where farmers and mental health professionals share stories, build community, and let listeners know that they are not alone. During the episodes host Lisa O’Hara, from Bodhi Counseling in Maryland talks with guests about daily farm stressors, and how these can be navigated. This podcast is by and for extension professionals to help better understand how to approach these conversations, and what to listen for, to best support farmers they are working with.

Listen to Mending Our Fences on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Trans Farmers for Trans Farmers

A Community for Trans People Farming

This trans-led organization is building a dynamic community of trans people farming in the US and beyond. Focused on support, connection, and resiliency of land and body. They are dedicated to cultivating connection, community, and opportunity among trans people farming. All trans farmers are invited to join! Learn more here about the organization, resources, and their online community. Check out the beautiful 2023 Zine.

Repairing Our Roots

Building farmer solidarity through transformative conflict

This project attempts to showcase the desire to build relationships across collectives, and ‘benchmark’ with other collectives how they’ve moved through conflict. Conflict is inevitable in movement spaces, and in order to move forwards sustainably it’s necessary to learn how to move through this conflict in a generative and sustainable way. Learn more here. 

Resource Guides, Webinars, & Presentation Guides

Resource Guides

Experts in our Cultivemos Network have collaborated on the creation of these guides to help farmers, and those working to assist farmers. They cover Finance, Disaster, Legal, and Farm Stress.

Farmworker Presentation Resources

About these Resources for Farmworkers

The basis for the case studies is quantitative research conducted with farmworkers, medical providers, and farm service providers. SUNY Morrisville’s Agriculture Business students, under the direction of their Professor, Sheila Marshman, Ph.D., conducted the research. Maria Pippidis, an Accredited Financial Counselor, Financial Fitness Coach and Extension Educator with the University of Delaware Extension, utilized her 30 years of experience in teaching personal financial management to construct the case studies. Farm business owners and farmworker service providers reviewed the material to ensure the cultural competencies of those who come to the United States were met. Translation of the materials was provided by Maria Gorgo, Extension Educator, Penn State Extension and Dra. Ivette Ruiz of Healing By Growing Farms.

For additional information about this project, please contact Sheila Marshman at marshmsa@morrisville.edu or Maria Pippidis at pippidis@udel.edu.

Beginning Farmer and Land Access

Accessing Farmland Together webinars for Services Providers and Producers

These two webinars hosted by Land for Good offer information on group land access concepts and how to use a new educational tool Accessing Farmland Together, that describes methods for farmers to lease or own farmland as a group. Accessing farmland as a group can solve some land access obstacles and offer multiple benefits. Group tenure can improve farmers’ chances of success, quality of life, social connections, and mental health. Find the webinar for service providers here, and find the webinar for farmers here. 

Disability in Agriculture

United in Healing – Videos of the 1st Northeast Disability and Agriculture Conference

On February 4, 2023 the 1st Northeast Disability and Agriculture Conference was held, hosted by Healing By Growing. You can watch the conference here – broken up into 6 videos.

Stronger Together

An introduction to understanding, recognizing, and addressing mental health in the farm community.

Stronger Together is a two-part workshop designed to increase general awareness about mental health in the agricultural community. You will also learn how to most effectively and empathically engage with someone who might be experiencing mental health concerns.

Click here to sign up and begin the workshop

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