Cultivating Community

Trans Farmers for Trans Farmers

A Community for Trans People Farming

This trans-led organization is building a dynamic community of trans people farming in the US and beyond. Focused on support, connection, and resiliency of land and body. They are dedicated to cultivating connection, community, and opportunity among trans people farming. All trans farmers are invited to join! Learn more here about the organization, resources, and their online community. Check out the beautiful 2023 Zine.

Repairing Our Roots

Building farmer solidarity through transformative conflict

This project attempts to showcase the desire to build relationships across collectives, and ‘benchmark’ with other collectives how they’ve moved through conflict. Conflict is inevitable in movement spaces, and in order to move forwards sustainably it’s necessary to learn how to move through this conflict in a generative and sustainable way. Learn more here.

More from Cultivemos

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Cultivemos aims to improve behavioral health awareness, literacy, access, and outcomes for farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers in the Northeast by developing a service provider network that can assist and meet the unique needs of agricultural workers. Cultivemos was formerly known as FRSAN-NE, the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Northeast.

This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN) project 2019-70028-30464 and 2020-70028-32729.

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