The Farm Advocate Link

A project of Farm Aid, RAFI-USA and many cooperating partners, the Farm Advocate Link is a national network of farm advocates whose goal is to honor and support established advocates, welcome new and aspiring advocates, and provide ongoing training, professional development and a shared sense of purpose to all farm advocates.

The Farm Advocate Link arises from the tradition of farmers-helping-farmers established during the 1980s farm crisis. Today, farm advocates throughout the country, including farm finance experts, ag attorneys, rural organizers, social workers, crisis counselors and of course farmers themselves, act as referrals for farmers and ranchers who seek assistance via Farm Aid’s hotline (1-800-FARM-AID and and Farmer Resource Network.

Watch this video from longtime advocate Mona lee Brock to hear how she got involved in farm advocacy, learn about some of her most memorable cases, and her perspective on why it’s so important that young people today get involved in farm advocacy. Her son Ron also offers his thoughts on being the child of a dedicated farm advocate and how that experience has informed his life.

Homeplace Under Fire

A documentary film directed by Charles D. Thompson and produced by Farm Aid in cooperation with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Homeplace Under Fire is the story of the frontline, grassroots work of American farm advocates and their thirty-year fight to keep family farmers on the land.

The Farm Crisis of the 1980s drove hundreds of thousands of family farmers into foreclosure. Yet, out of that crisis arose a legion of farm advocates who have refused to stand idly by and watch their way of life go up in flames.

Ordinary Americans taught themselves extraordinary skills. As fellow farmers, farm wives, and rural leaders, they studied laws and regulations, started hotlines, answered farmers’ calls from their kitchen tables, counseled their neighbors, and went toe-to-toe with lenders – giving their all to keep neighbors on their land.

Homeplace Under Fire celebrates these advocates and their remarkable work. Thousands of farmers are alive and on their land today because of them. As Willie Nelson says in the film, these advocates are the best of America.

The film will be released to a broader audience in 2016; stay tuned for more information.

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