What is a Farm Advocate?

A Farm Advocate is someone who works one-on-one with individual farmers to help them navigate the complex world of farm lending, state and federal regulations, contracts, and government programs in a way that increases their chance to stay on the land and be successful.

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Farm Advocates are laymen or professionals who develop expertise to assist farmers who:

  • Need financial counseling
  • Have received an adverse decision from a federal or state agency
  • Are dealing with disaster losses on the farm
  • Are going into mediation or negotiation
  • Need representation through administrative procedures
  • Need someone to accompany them to a meeting or agency to ensure fair treatment and assist with communication
  • Are dealing with contract negotiations or abuses
  • Are navigating codes and regulations, including zoning, food safety, and property rights
  • Need mental health or other social services
  • Need legal counseling
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