Willie Nelson at Farm Aid 2022
Willie Nelson and North Carolina farmer Beverly Bowen at the Farm Aid 2022 Press Event. Photo © Suzanne Cordeiro

Blog | December 22, 2022

Willie Nelson on What We’ve Accomplished in 2022

by Willie Nelson

I’m proud of the work that Farm Aid does each and every day to strengthen family farmers and ranchers. And I’m grateful to you for being with us as we stand side-by-side with family farmers. With your support, we’ve accomplished a lot this year.

In 2022, Farm Aid:

We know we have our work cut out for us in 2023, but with your support we’ll be able to accomplish our goals. We’re not giving up, because farmers need us, and we all need farmers!

In 2023, Farm Aid will:

  • Rally with farmers in Washington to call attention to the crucial role they play to improve our climate future;
  • Work for a 2023 Farm Bill that is good for farmers, rural communities, our soil and water, our food and everyone who eats;
  • Expand our reach and our services to more farmers and connect them with the tools they need to stay on the land and thrive;
  • Strengthen farmers and rural community members working together for powerful change;
  • Gather engaged farmers, advocates and activists to work together to address some of our biggest challenges; and
  • Celebrate family farmers and the good food they bring us.

This is a long to-do list, but we can do it together! All of this dedicated work makes a real difference in the lives of farm families, and all of us who eat. Your generosity makes this work possible.

Please make a donation to Farm Aid today.

When we strengthen family farmers, we are all stronger.

Stay Strong and Positive,

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