Ilana Richards and Derrick Jackson at the Farm Aid 2022 Press Event
Farmers Ilana Richards of Levity Farms and Derrick Jackson of Grass Grazed Farm at the Farm Aid 2022 Press Event. Photo © Suzanne Cordeiro

Blog | December 20, 2022

A Voice for Family Farmers in Raleigh and Everywhere

by Shorlette Ammons

When Farm Aid first came to my home state of North Carolina in 2014, I knew I had found an organization, a group of people, who could relate to my rural upbringing and lived experience of working on small family farms in Eastern North Carolina. Fast forward to 2022, when Farm Aid returned to North Carolina, I was fortunate to now take part as a member of the Farm Aid staff. One of my goals as the new Program Director was to give those who were in attendance at our pre-festival Events – from our farmer forum and seafood appreciation supper to our farm tours – an opportunity to see themselves fully reflected in the experience of Farm Aid and to know that their realities are at the heart of what we do and why we do it.

At Farm Aid 2022, we brought together farmers and advocates from all over the U.S. to uplift farmer solutions around the impact of climate change. Our goal is to continuously elevate the expertise and resilience of small family farmers. Their innovation serves to show how the lived experiences of rural community members – who are too often forgotten – can provide the solutions we need to combat the world’s biggest challenges, like climate challenges.

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Watch Derrick and Paige Jackson (Grass Grazed Farm, Rougemont, NC) and Ilana and Zach Richards (Levity Farms, Madison, GA) speak about climate-resilient agriculture:

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