GIPSA (Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration)

Blog | 01.15.20

Homegrown Stories: Gilles Stockton – Exposing Corporate Power in the Cattle Industry

Blog | 10.18.17

The Trump Administration Abandons Rules Protecting Farmers

Corporate Power | 12.14.16

Farm Aid and Family Farmers Discuss GIPSA’s New Regulations Governing Poultry-Growing Contracts

Blog | 04.22.16

Capitol Hill Quackery: Congress Attacks Poultry Growers (again)

Corporate Power

Fair & Competitive Markets for Family Farmers & Our Food

Action | 07.10.15

John Oliver, Willie Nelson, Poultry Farmers, and You

Ask Farm Aid | 05.18.15

A look at the poultry industry — How does chicken get on your plate?


Government Shutdown: The Impact on Food and Agriculture

Action | 03.27.13

Farmers and Eaters: 0. Big Ag: Everything. Tell President Obama to change the score.

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