Farm Economy

Blog | 08.16.18

Dairy: Family Farmers in Crisis

Blog | 07.06.18

Let’s talk about the farm economy and farmer mental health.

Farm Economy In Crisis | 06.28.18

Farm Aid Statement on CDC Retraction of Farmer Suicide Statistics

Blog | 05.08.18

A look back: John Mellencamp rallies with Missouri farmers

Blog | 03.19.18

The bipartisan STRESS Act: Supporting farmers’ mental health

Blog | 02.23.18

Saving the Farm: The Need for Farm Advocates

Blog | 02.15.18

One Year In: The Trump Administration on Trade & The Farm Bill

Blog | 01.23.18

One Year In: The Trump Administration on Farm Policy

Blog | 12.07.17

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves in record numbers?

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