Farm to School Rocks!


There’s no shortage of resources for folks seeking to grow the farm to school movement. We handpicked the best of the bunch to get you on your way!

Something for Everyone

National Farm to School Network

Comprehensive farm to school resource database with toolkits, policy, curricula and more!

USDA Farm to School Census

Learn about farm to school programs nationwide & see how your school district measures up.

USDA Farm to School Planning Toolkit

Helpful guide for schools, school districts and community partners when starting or growing a farm to school program [PDF].

Vermont FEED Resource Library

Planning resources that are great for those just starting their journey.


Iowa Farm to School

Created by Iowa farmers for farmers everywhere who want to engage in farm to school programs.

Wisconsin Farm to School Toolkit for Farmers

Great list of tools and resources for farmers to engage in farm to school programs.

Bridging the Communications Gap

Communications guide for farmers & school food staff [PDF].

Planting a Farm to School Program

Tips for working with schools [PDF].


Real Food Challenge

Resources for college students who want to bring real food to their campuses.

Georgia Organics’ Farm to School Resources for Students

Great collection of resources for students K – College.

School Food Administrators

The Lunch Box

Chef Ann Cooper’s site for school districts and food service teams bringing scratch cooking with fresh ingredients to their meal programs.

Farm to School Field Guide

Guide for Food Service Directors [PDF].

Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Discover funding opportunities available in your school.

Cornell University Food Service

Great list of resources for Food Service professionals.


Farm to School Field Guide for Parents

Guide to help parents participate in the farm to school movement [PDF].

Georgia Organics’ Farm to School Resources for Parents

A great collection of resources for parents looking to support farm to school programming.

Growing Minds Recipes

Bring the farm back home with these recipes that highlight local, seasonal ingredients.


Oregon Farm to School

Great list of curriculum resources nationwide [PDF].

Life Lab

Outdoor and food-based curricula for smaller farm to school programs.

Growing Minds Children’s Literature

Literature database for teaching about gardening, cooking, farms and food.

IATP’s Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum

Great curriculum resources for high school farm to school programs.


State Farm to School Legislative Survey, 2002-2014

Profile of state-level farm to school policies, great tips and resources for advocates, and fantastic case studies [PDF].

Model School Wellness Policies

Includes model school wellness policies for farm to school, which can be adopted in schools anywhere [PDF].

Building a Healthy Food System in Los Angeles

LA’s flagship procurement policies are fantastic blueprints for other municipalities [PDF].

Food Policy Networks – Resource Database

Comprehensive resource database for food policy councils or others looking to establish farm to school policies at local & state levels.


Captain Planet Foundation

Funding for environmental-based curricula, including school gardens.

Grants to establish new school and community gardens and sustain existing gardens.

Whole Kids Foundation

Grants to improve child nutrition via school gardens, school salad bars & farm to school programs.

Annie’s Grants for Gardens

Grants to schools and other programs to help build school gardens.

Farm to School Rockstar Profiles

Each of our “Farm to School Rockstars” provided quick tips that shares what they’ve learned from their successes. Click below to learn from them:

Teacher Rockstar

Kevin Hesser: Farm to School Curriculum Trailblazer

Farmer Rockstar

Jason Grimm: Iowa’s Tireless Farm to School Architect

School Food Service Rockstar

Betti Wiggins: Detroit’s Rebel Lunch Lady

Parent Rockstar

Jane Hirschi: Boston’s School Garden Crusader

Student Rockstar

Alexandra Willcox: Collegiate Champion for Real Food

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