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Blog | October 29, 2018

What’s Your FoodPrint?

by Alicia Harvie

A new site called FoodPrint is designed to help eaters understand that the food we eat has an impact on animals, people and the environment. That impact is our “foodprint,” and you can take a quiz on the site to learn yours.

FoodPrint covers the most pressing issues in food production and how they connect to our individual foodprints, including topics like public health, animal welfare, farmer livelihoods, the environment, food workers and sustainable production systems. The site includes:

  • A comprehensive Food Label Guide.
  • A robust Real Food Encyclopedia.
  • More than 30 intensively researched issue pages on everything from Animal Waste to Aquaponics, from Pesticides to Labor Issues — and four new deep-dive reports on the foodprint of beef, chicken, eggs and crops.
  • The results of a nationwide survey of household food purchasers.
  • Tips, tools and resources about how to cook, shop, eat, and compost sustainably.

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