Blog | December 6, 2013

What I’m listening to…

Willie NelsonListening to family farmers on the road is how I found out they were in trouble—in fact, we all were.

I started Farm Aid in 1985 as a way that you and I could help. I’m thankful that you’ve been an important part of this effort. I am writing today to ask you to continue supporting family farmers with a donation to Farm Aid.

This time of year, we celebrate the holidays with our family by enjoying the good food family farmers grow. Thanks to their hope and hard work, all of us are able to share in the harvest that family farmers bring us. At Farm Aid, we also share in their hard times.

During 2013 I met with eager new farmers who have trouble finding the land and credit they need to start their farms. On the Farm Aid hotline, dairy farmers told about their struggles with low milk prices — some were forced to close up their barns. Ranchers made the hard choice to sell off part of their herds as drought made it hard for them to feed the animals they care for.

The government shutdown left farmers without services and information, just when terrible natural disasters struck. In Colorado, floods washed away fields and crops. In South Dakota, an early blizzard killed tens of thousands of cattle. Both disasters caused financial distress and a heavy emotional toll.

In spite of these challenges and with the help of people like you, Farm Aid stood up for family farmers and the food system we all want. Together, we keep family farmers on the land, where they can take care of our soil and water, make our communities stronger, and grow good food for you and me.

Can I continue to count on you? Your tax-deductible gift right now will honor family farmers and build the foundation for a strong economy, protected soil and water, and good health.

Thank you for standing with me for family farmers — I’m glad you’re part of the family.

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