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Blog | June 29, 2022

The Surprising Links Between Food Deserts, Concerts and Lightbulbs

by Jennifer Fahy

When Cody Broadway reached out to me, I was intrigued. Cody introduced himself as a storyteller with NBC working on an episode of the series Connect the Dots. Cody explained, “It’s where we take three random items (concerts, food deserts, lightbulbs) and find out how they connect in our lives while documenting the journey.” Turns out there are in fact connections between all these things, if you just look hard enough! We find that’s so true, as well, in the work of Farm Aid. The issues of corporate power, thriving rural communities, factory farms, climate change and so many of the challenges of our farm and food system are interconnected and deeply entwined.

We hope you enjoy this video about the connections between concerts (in this case, our festival, Farm Aid!), food deserts (which we prefer to call food apartheid because it more accurately explains the reality of places that don’t have accessible, affordable food as a human-made condition, rather than a naturally-occurring one) and lightbulbs! It’s a fun look at not just our festival, but the way Farm Aid “walks the walk,” so to speak, by serving family farm food through our HOMEGROWN Concessions® to make sure that our festivalgoers can enjoy family farm food that was produced sustainably and earns farmers a fair price for their hard work.

Watch the episode below:

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