Jennifer Fahy

Jennifer is Farm Aid’s Communications Director. She spends her time sharing stories of farmer heroes, informing people about the challenges family farmers face, and keeping on top of all the farm news. In her spare time, Jennifer loves spending time with her family, including her dog Timber, skiing, biking and baking. Jennifer is a master urban gardener and her favorite crop to grow is garlic!

Posts by Jennifer Fahy

Action | 07.06.20

Farm Aid supports “Local FARMS Act of 2020” to strengthen local food systems

Corporate Power | 06.30.20

Missouri Rural Crisis Center on what the COVID-19 crisis has spotlighted

Blog | 06.17.20

Farmer Hero: Julia Coffey, From Mushrooms to Food Hub

Blog | 05.19.20

Sabine Carey and CentreMarkets are Ensuring Farmers Can Safely Feed Their Community in Pennsylvania

Blog | 04.23.20

No Farmer Wants to Dump Their Milk or Plow Under Their Crops

Blog | 04.13.20

“At Home With Farm Aid” Raises $500,000 to Strengthen Family Farmers

Blog | 04.13.20

Find Family Farm Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog | 03.24.20

The People Providing Our Food Are Essential; We Must Treat Them That Way

Blog | 03.19.20

How will COVID-19 Affect My Local Farmers and Food?

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