Blog | August 7, 2009

Some Resources for Fighting Blight

JoelHere in northeast of the U.S., poor, wet weather this spring and summer has contributed to a blight epidemic that has hit tomato and potato crops extremely hard. Reports indicate that at least 400 farms in New England have been affected, including an estimated 100-200 farms here in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts state Department of Ag has posted a webpage of resources for those farmers whose crops have been affected by blight.

You may also want to check out this Boston Globe story on blight within the state.

The state of New York has been hit particularly hard. The state has requested that the USDA designate 17 counties as disaster areas, with bad weather, poor growing conditions, and blight hampering farmers’ efforts to salvage a decent crop. All but 19 counties in New York (outside the five boroughs of New York City) have reported blight sightings.

Because of New York state’s request for federal disaster assistance, farmers there may be eligible for assistance. For more info, contact the New York state Farm Service Agency office at 315-477-6300, or visit with your local FSA agent. If you need it, you can find contact information for your local office by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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