Blog | September 29, 2006

Ryan’s Just Quizzing You

Growing up in a rural area some would say they think there is not a lot to do. But like many families in a farming community it is quite the opposite. When not doing 4-H, school extra-curricular clubs or my part-time job packing groceries, I still found time to pack my brain with tidbits of useless trivia and knowledge. In fact, like most “nerds” who like to think they know it all, I was a member of Knowledge Bowl – a high school version of Jeopardy Game Show. However, the audience would laugh when someone would get caught up in the moment and answer the poised question in the form of a question. (The host would retort with his nose in the air, the “What is?…is not necessary”.)

Anyway, this flashback came to head when doing some research for the concert. I came across some like known facts about the Farm Aid artists. Now these tidbits of Farm Aid Knowledge are your chance to get a Farm Aid bumper sticker… if you are the first one to answer all of them correctly. Send the answers via e-mail with your mailing address to me at So get your Google-fingers ready!

1.Which Farm Aid artist loaned his domesticated buffalo to the set of Dances With Wolves?
2.Willie Nelson attended which University?
3.Which Farm Aid artist broke two ribs in the 90’s after a failed grape-catching trick in which he tripped over a guitar case and landed on the arm of a chair? (Always the jokester)
4. Name two movies that used Willie Nelson’s, On The Road Again, that also have the name of a color in the title of the movie.
5. The Farm Aid concert will be Camden, New Jersey. In the 1933, Camden became the location of the first __________.
6. New Jersey’s state bug is a ___________________. A farmers’ helper.
7. Which Farm Aid artist reportedly has a collection of every car they ever owned?
8.Name two cities that have hosted Farm Aid twice.

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