Blog | September 8, 2007

Ryan Tells you How to Pack for the Concert

So every year, there are those concert goers that bring things that they shouldn’t to the concert – I am not going to name names or go into details – but you know who you are!

So like last year, I thought I’d post what you should bring and what you should NOT bring. And many of these are based on venue regulations.

1. No you can not bring your grandma’s favorite homemade chicken noodle soup, or that special drink you dad makes in the basement (yes, Dad I am talking to you…..) No outside food or beverages with the exception of one sealed bottle of water, one liter or less, and personal snacks up to one gallon in a clear baggie.

2. Remember though this concert is most of the day. People are screaming for their favorite band and it can get loud and hot. If your kids aren’t really tolerant you might want to leave little Jack and Jill with the sitter. Children under two years do not need a ticket if they sit on a parents lap.

3. I know most of you concert goers have those state of art fold out chairs that pop-up with cup holders, headrests, and valet parking. And your mom may want to pack a cooler full of goodies, but leave them home. No chairs or coolers. Small blankets for General Admission seating are permitted.

4. While sparky or kitty might be big fans of Counting Crows or the Allman Brothers, they would much more fun at home while you are away. No pets, flyers, umbrellas or laser pointers.

5. While your is screaming for a concert video, it will have to go without. No professional still cameras, no audio or video taping.

6. Sharp wit is not included. No sharp or dangerous items (weapons, knives, spiked items, chains, fireworks, pepper spray, mace, etc).

Ok, so what should you bring?

Well bring some canned food – concertgoers are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item with them to the show. Farm Aid is teaming up with City Harvest to feed the hungriest in New York’s boroughs.

I also suggest that you bring cash for the good food that will be available through concessions. Our concert will be the first major music event to serve local, organic and family-farm foods to the crowed, artists, crews and VIP’s backstage.

And save some cash for Farm Aid merchandise. You will love the shirts and hats…. I get two or three every year.

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