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Check out the Farm Aid concert menu!

American Flatbread
Gaylord Farm (Waitsfield VT): basil, spinach, pork, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, onions, tomatoes, oregano, arugula.
Hartshorn’s Santa Davida Farm(Waitsfield VT): basil, spinach, garlic, sweet corn.
Blythedale Farms ( Corinth, VT): Jersey Milk Mountain cheese.Maplebrook Farms (Bennington, VT): Fresh Mozzarella.

Ahli Babas Kabob Shop

US Food service: Free range organic chicken
City Market Coop, Burlington Vermont : organic Tahini and chick peas for falafel

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Bell and Evans: chicken
Meyer All Natural Beef: Beef
Niman Ranch: Pork

Culinary Corps
New Orleans Iced Cafe au Lait
Ingredients: Cold Brew Chicory Coffee by Cool Brew
Ronnybrook Farm Dairy : Unhomogenized creamline milk

Gorilla Coffee
Coffee is roasted in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at our Roastery. Beans come from all Fair Trade Certified Co-Ops from: Sumatra, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Mexico.

Green Market
products will be sourced from small family farms within 180 miles of NYC..: apples, (five varieties) plums,( three varieties) peaches and 12oz. fruit juice. ( six varieties)
Family Farms: baked goods with all ingredients family farm produced.

Jalapeno Corndog
Applegate Farms, New Jersey: beef dogs
Litelife: tofu hot dogs
Weisenberger Mills, Kentucky: Batter for corn dogs and funnel cakes

Loopy’s Espresso and Crepe Cart
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Waterbury Vermont: coffee
Local gardens in Vermont: vegetables
Mazzas Fruit and Vegetable , Burlington VT: fruit
Stowe VT Farmers market: Fuit
Booth Brothers Dairy, Barre Vermont: Milk

Miss Fritz
Max Creek Hatchery in East Meredith, NY : potatoes

Patchwork Family Farms

Patchwork Family Farms’ (a project of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center): Bratwurst, Ham Steaks and Pork Chops raised by independent Mid-Missouri family farmers
Vermont Bread Company: Organic buns and bread


1. Acai; wild-harvested by local co-op farmers of the Brazilian Amazon region of Amapa. Fair-trade and organic
2. granola; Nature’s Path organic Hemp Plus Granola
3. Sliced banana; from Central America, fair-trade and organic
4. Organic Açaí Puree 14% Brazil
5. Organic White Grape Concentrate Argentina
6. Organic Apple Concentrate New Zeland/Turkey
7. Organic Banana Puree Ecuador
8. Organic Mango Puree Columbia/Peru
9. Organic Red Grape Concentrate USA
10. Organic Soy Lecithin USA
11. Organic Guarana Extract, 5.5% caffeine Brazil
12. Organic Phytonutrient Blend USA
13. Organic Pure Cane Sugar Brazil
14. Organic Strawberry Puree USA
15. Organic Guarana Extract, 5.5% caffeine Brazil
16. Organic Blue Agave Syrup Mexico
17. Organic Acerola Puree, gallons Brazil
18. Organic Ginger Juice USA

Sparky’s All American Food

Dines Farms, New York Catskills: chicken, chicken sausage
Litelife: organic burgers and dogs

Spectrum Concessions

Organic Valley : Not Dogs / Brats
Black Wing Quality Meats : Free Range Chicken for chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets
Whole Foods in NY: organic egg bath for breading for Chicken Nuggets – Organic flour
Niman Ranch Beef Company : Hamburgers –
Sysco Food Service: Organic Veggie Burgers
Bio paper goods and bio cleaning supplies
Condiments – Bulk with the pumps
Charter Baking Company/ VT Bread Company: Buns for dogs and burgers
Greenmarket: Organic Produce

Stone Hearth Pizza

North Dakota Mills : 100% Organic wheat flour from
Grande Cheese Company, Brownsville Wisconsin: blended 50%/50% mozzarella/provolone cheese
Muir Glen: organic tomatoes
Stanislaus non-GMO tomatoes

Strawberry Fields
Cascadia Farms: Frozen Fruits and Veggies
Muir Glen: Canned Tomato Product and Beans
Bell & Evans: Free Range Chicken
Twin State Farms: Veggies from Local Growers
Muzzerelli Farms: Veggies

T’s Concessions

Niman Ranch- beef burgers
Charter Baking Company/ Vermont Bread Company : hamburger rolls

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