Blog | September 10, 2007

Ryan Reveals Best Myth and Rumors and not so-Rumors during the Concert

Criminal Intent:
A production crew member for Law and Order’s Criminal Intent was working with the crew backstage and told me that last week one of the actors – Vincent D’Onofrio was wondering if anyone was going to the Farm Aid concert – and most of the cast responded yes. Did anyone see these celebrities or others? THIS IS A RUMOR TILL OTHERWISE CONFIRMED.

TP is MIA:
Starting about noon the rumor mill had the existence of toilet as scarce if not zero. It first started backstage, then migrated to the audience. THIS RUMOR WAS TRUE – and sadly still is…

Good Food Gone:
There was nasty rumor that staff, crew and artist catering had run out of food. By the size of lines to get food – it seemed truthful. BUT THIS RUMOR WAS FALSE. There was plenty of food.

The Keg is Empty:
Well the rumor of no more beer was not true for the audience section of the concert. But backstage in the VIP area – it was certainly true…but it did not happen till 9pm, normally the tent would close at 9:45PM. RUMOR NOT TRUE – WELL KINDA

Counting Crow Flew the Coop:
They had to leave – that was heard for a bit. But I squelched it with a sighting of Adam Duritz lifting arm weights outside his trailer in the backlot. He had a big crowd of onlookers waiting for the shirt to come off.

Daryl Hannah Makes a Splash:
You have seen the pictures and you read the blog. Yes, she was here and fabulous – NOT A RUMOR – TRUE.

And speaking of splash – lets give a shout out to the craftiest concert goers who had a great seat but only via boat. The East River shore of Randall’s Island was covered in boats of all shapes and size…these guys got a free show for sure – I hope they go out and support good food and family farmers this week. Buying a t-shirt from the Farm Aid website wouldn’t hurt either!

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