Blog | September 10, 2007

Ryan Exposes the VIP Tent – By Comment Request

The VIP tent was to stage left and back in a shaded area. There were great shade trees and green green grass. White picket fences line different areas, and people are mellow, quiet and chill.

Tables are lined with black and white checkered table clothes. High round tables are topped with veggies, fruit and snacks. It is a concert utopia. I should have come sooner. The food tent is amazingly decorated – I have a sense there will be a bunch of hay, pumpkins and corn available after the concert. I am greeted with smiling faces, handing out FREE programs…flat screen tv’s show the concert to onlookers.

I have never have felt something so laidback. They even had special restroom trailers that were clean and large. Their own private ATM and to answer the golden question… no the beer was not free – but water, organic sodas and juices were free for the taking.

It is obvious, that VIP is the way to go.

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