Blog | September 30, 2006

Ryan On Stage

So I have moved up a bit since last year. I am sitting cross legged on the stage as Pauline Reese opens the show. There is a bit of drizzle in the air, but the Farm Aid fans have still turned out. My set for the Webcast is still in the midst of being set up, so I took a break to write a bit of the experience so far.

Earlier, at the press event, Willie, Neil, John and Dave and other artist talked about the importance of producing good food for children and families. Who better than the families themselves? Farm Aid is the union of voices both musical and radical to say the food system needs to focus more on the health of everyone by sticking to the rooted tradition of family farms, not factory farms.

So, that is my soapbox moment, I digress. Let’s talk gossip.

During the press event, Dave Matthews posed an ingenious question: “Why not create a Farm Aid TV Network – 24/7 farming and rocking?!!” It would be a cross between the family channel, the food network and CMT and VH1… all merged together for the benefits of today’s farmers. It may be a wild idea, but so was Willie’s idea 21 years ago to hold a Farm Aid concert.

Allison Moorer and Steve Earle will making their appearance together. Giving the duo more time to delight the audience.

I have my line-up of interviews for the Web cast and I am delighted that currently scheduled is Govt’ Mule and Dave Matthews. But besides the artist there are a slew of behind the scenes folk that make Farm Aid happen, as well as local interests like the Peach Queen of New Jersey. I have been warned that I need to avoid peach jokes since she is under aged. Can you imagine me being thrown into jail for asking the Peach Queen lewd peach questions? That would be the pits.

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