Blog | September 30, 2006

Ryan Hangs with Steele Pulse and the Camden Mayor, Gwendolyn Faison

All the artists were gathered together before the press event in a small tent behind the even bigger one for the show. While hanging out for the concert to begin, I talked with the press event monitor, Chef Ann Cooper. She is a former-Executive Chef and has turned her training and commitment to creating sustainable, delicious, nutritious food for schools and kids. She was backstage along with a slew of area farmers set to bring their stories to the stage. (We will be interviewing many of these farmers during the Webcast.)

Also in the holding pen was the Mayor of Camden, a fiery woman named Gwendolyn Faison. Dressed in power red, she was ready to steal the show—which she did. She hit that stage and gave a energized welcome to Farm Aid, one like we have never seen. Camden is very lucky to have as an ambassador a mayor who throws major passion into her work.

Another artist just chillin’ within the chaos was Steel Pulse’s band leader David Hines. Steel Pulse, I have been told by a friend (the Island Girl), is to Reggae what Willie is to Country. They have performed various styles of music, but when it comes to a theme, the band has remained close to its mission – fighting injustice, educating the masses and promoting positive messages. Farm Aid is lucky to have their presence here today.

Dressed just like you’d imagine, David Hines, with massive locks, was ready to roll wherever he was needed. He was as chill as reggae itself. Be sure to check out their performance on the Webcast.

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