Blog | September 9, 2007

Ryan Meets with New York State Royalty

While making my way through the throngs of concert goers, I saw something sparkling in the sunlight. It was the three crowns of princesses in the midst of family farmers. They were the recently crown New York Dairy Princess and her two alternate princesses. To find out more I interrupted their concert experience and asked them a bunch of questions.

How Does it Work, this princess thing? Well it turns out that young women must first compete on a county level. Then after wearing the crown for a full year, and in good grace – are then able compete for the Miss New York Dairy Princess title.

The winner Hanna McDermott of Granville in Washington County explained that the competition required all there is to know about dairy products. I asked if they had a specific area of focus like cheese curds or perhaps chocolate milk. I was met with blank stares and then laughter…the answer was just dairy products and their production in general.

Then when I asked who was the first alternate, the two princesses in waiting looked at each other and said it really doesn’t matter…then Alternate One – Brynn Gillen-Dennis of Pompey, Onondaga County said technically she was but that isn’t the point. The idea is that they are a team. The three of them tour sporting events, agricultural festivals and recently the State Fair.

Alternate Two – Julia Hudyncia of Fort Plain, Montgomery County noted that her act of preference was Montgomery Gentry. Brynn was looking forward to Willie – she likes the classics and Winner Hannah – sighing with dreamy eyes pined…”I like Dave”..

Their trip was provided by the American Dairy Association.

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