Blog | September 9, 2007

Ryan Gives the 411 on the Concert Activities

With the flexible nature of Randall’s Island, Farm Aid was able to put together many activities to keep people in touch with the point that good food comes
from family farmers.
Concert goers will enter the venue through a series of gates at the start of Icahn Stadium. Yesterday, I saw a bit how this area is normally used – droves of families camped out for picnics, BBQ’s and just plain fun. It seem to be a green oasis in a sea of cement.

Directly in the opposite corner, about a football field or two from the stage (this place is big) is the Homegrown Village. This area is not to be missed. I will be going over there myself and exploring it all today. The following stations or booths will be available:

In Dirt We Trust – Come see all the things that wriggle and crawl and basically fertilize soil, and turn household waste in valuable earth.

Tap the Source – Ever wondered how water gets fresh and clean – peek into the system for New York.

Eat Your Zip Code – What is growing in your backyard? Did you know that could get fresh Bronx grown figs? Urban farming and gardening is much more than a tomato plant in a pot on a window sill. Take a look at what is really going on in Urban agriculture.

Farm Power –Does biodiesel smell like French Fries? Check it out for yourself – learn how many “food miles” are in your shopping cart and see how sustainable farming is changing the way we see power.

Resurrect the Potluck – Stop here to get tips on how cook and prepare local foods to the fullest quality. Not only creative ways but also healthy.

FarmYard – Do you know where the US farm bill is going? Do you have questions about food and where it comes from? Well this is where you need to be.

And also Make your Mark at the Groundswell Community Mural Project – Paint or draw your HOMEGROWN memories or thoughts on murals, created on-site during the concert.

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