Blog | September 9, 2007

Ryan quizzes…What do you know about Farm Aid and New York?

Like last year we would like to quiz all you Farm Aid fans for a chance at some fun prizes. First person to post the correct series of answers will get a 2007 Farm Aid concert t-shirt and farm aid bumper sticker. So put on your thinking caps!

Question 1
Which of the Farm Aid 2007 band/performers – performed on Saturday Night Live in 1994?

Question 2
By teaming up with musicians in New York City, which Farm Aid performer honed her music craft and later signed with Atlantic Records after an independent CD release?

Question 3
Which member of the Allman Brothers was born in New York?

Question 4
Today’s Farm Aid artist, Matisyaha was raised in what New York city?

Question 5
What Farm Aid staple lived in New York state in the late 60’s and 70’s during his childhood? (His dad worked or IBM.)

Questions 6
What member of the Derek Trucks Band was born in the Bronx?

Question 7
Ryan Miller of Guster (one of today’s performers) lives in what New York state city?

Question 8
What Farm Aid act, rode bicycles across the US (from LA – to NYC) last summer as part of their tour?

Question 9
Which Farm Aid performers recently paired up for a performance at Radio City Music call in NYC in April 2007?

Question 10
What performer, from today’s show has in his New York Theatre credits the Tony Award winning musical – Rent?

Don’t forget- post your answers as comments!

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