Blog | September 9, 2007

Ryan Explores the Farm Aid Merchandise

I did a bit of investigative journalism – I am kidding – I really just went and asked questions of the people selling the merchandise to see what was selling the fastest and why. I wanted to go the farthest out to see the lawn seat people and what they were buying.

That booth was being over-run. I felt bad for the staff, they were hot, tired and angry – or maybe they were just New Yorkers…anyway they refused an interview and photography and called security. So we left, now I know how reporters feel some of then time on news stories.

I figured that the booth that was least over-run might be better to ask. I was right. They were cheery, and willing to help. Ike my photography went town clicking shots of all the merchandise and people trying to get the last of different items.

When I asked what was selling the fastest, they instantly said, anything Babydoll size…especially the Strawberry T-shirt. The runner up is the Apple T-shirt. With the blue logo shirt and the Black tractor t-shirt filling the top four.

Sarah Cheffy of Washington DC, who travels to every Farm Aid she said , bought the black tractor t-shirt. I did a little fashion interviewing – Tim Gunn style to see why that choice. She didn’t miss a beat and went right into how she loved the type of material – ah la American Apparel. She even went into how the graphic being rasterized ( contrasty) was a good trend and something she liked. Sarah came with a group of five and can’t wait for the next concert.

I then ran into John Mellencamp’s wife supermodel Elaine Irwin Mellencamp. She was out among the crowd with Hud and Speck, her children. They were searching for the perfect t-shirt. Elaine got the strawberry t-shirt. It shows that even with all their connections they still want to buy a t-shirt – but if they asked we could have got them one.

Willie himself never takes a free shirt – he sent Farm Aid to go get the same Black t-shirt that Sarah bought…although I doubt it was the babydoll.

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