Blog | September 8, 2007

Ryan Asks for a High Five

Well, we have made it to Randall’s Island in one piece – but a bit disheveled.

We only honked once the entire way. Yes, that requires a high five! We (me and a van of volunteers) drove up from Silver Spring, Maryland through a few dozen tunnels, tolls and traffic jams. You would think that with all the tolls the roads would have been paved with gold. Rumor has it that Neil Young’s bus caravan had just over $100 in tolls just to get to Randall’s Island.

So here is the backstage scoop the day before the concert. Amidst the rumble of Randall‘s Island bridge construction, Farm Aid has created an oasis of food, family and fun. The stage is a silver tower of scaffolding and the loud bass of sound checks can be heard for blocks away…(sorry East Harlem)!

The stage is flanked and fronted by a blaze of folding chairs for seating. For those of you who have been to Randall’s Island for a concert – you’ll know, with the good weather forecast tomorrow – there better be sunblock, hats and light clothing on your wardrobe list. While good food, amazing entertainment and just plain fun won’t be hard to find – shade will be.

I have to say that in the 9 concerts I have attended… this is the most different. While many things like the backstage, artist trailers, the Farm Aid trailers of transportation, staff, and PR are the same there are some differences. Port-o-potty’s are the norm and golf carts are required for getting back and forth.

I am looking forward to reporting from the FarmYard area of the concert. This year I paid for my membership online and now I get to be apart of the action and if I flash my member card- I get something free in the FarmYard…wonder what it will be…

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