Blog | September 1, 2006

Laura’s Brilliant Solution

31 days to go. Time to start thinking very seriously about what to wear day of show. Okay. I swear this is a really important issue. We work for about 20 hours. We run around like crazy people. We solve problems. We talk to artists, donors, farmers, corporate VIPs, the press, beer line regulars and all you folks out there! What to wear is pretty complicated. It has to be professional, comfortable and versatile. Which all leads me to one point. Droopy pants are none of these things.

To be able to solve problems and keep in touch with the rest of the staff we carry around a lot of stuff. Most of us have on hand a walkie-talkie, a cell phone, a bottle of water, schedules, name lists, spare credentials, chap stick, sun screen and a snack at all times. And let me tell you, carrying all this stuff around is kind of a pain. We have tried back packs, fanny packs, pockets, cargo pants, purses, Farm Aid tote bags and suit cases. In many cases we just end up with a sore shoulder and droopy pants. Nothing really meets the holy triumvirate of criteria: Is it fashionable? Is it accessible? Does it NOT droop?

Nothing has given us a resounding YES, YES, YES until now. That’s right. I have found a brilliant solution. However, you will all have to wait until the package comes in the mail for a pic of all of us marveling at my genius.

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