Blog | August 31, 2006

Glenda talks about “these young people today”

When I look around at the world today, I am so encouraged by young people!

But I’m often horrified by the legacy of the decisions of older folks, and the state of our world. In fact, I’m about to revive that saying from my own youth: “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” (Ok, I’m over 30, but you can trust me!)

I am not a parent (although I have tips for parents!), but I have nieces, a nephew and god children. My generation has handed them a place where factory farms and industrial agriculture have seriously degraded the environment and the quality of our food.

These kids have been marketed to–relentlessly. And in some ways, they are smarter for it. They have a healthy suspicion of all marketing messages, as well they should. The food messages are especially insidious. Fast food, fad food, junk food, just plain bad food gets pushed, but fruits and vegetables and quality meats get precious little of the coolness factor. But so many youngsters are choosing food that is real, that makes them happy. They want delicious crazy food!

And don’t get me started about young farmers! I’ve had the chance to meet lots of passionate young people who just love to farm, fix equipment, grow things, weed, sell their produce, milk cows, and drive tractors. They are finding amazing ways to solve the age-old problems of weeds and pests, using earth friendly methods. They build up the soil with homemade compost. They are taking risks and reaching out to all kinds of people.

I love the wisdom of the “under 30’s.” They’ve got big responsibilities and all my support.

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