Blog | December 14, 2017

Just the boost I needed

by Caroline Malcolm Fiore

Don’t you just love handwritten notes? I feel lucky to receive notes from folks across the country–from farmers and eaters, some living in the countryside and others in the city. People tell me about their commitment to keeping family farmers on the land and putting family farm food on their tables. They share why they believe Farm Aid’s work is so important.

I love to learn about your personal connections to Farm Aid and agriculture, your admiration for family farmers and your vision for a thriving food and farm system that protects our natural resources and benefits all of us. These values we share are the foundation to build a future of good food. Farm Aid can’t do this work alone–we are strong because of your unwavering dedication to supporting family farmers every day.

Recently Farm Aid received a gift from Robin in Florida, who shared why she believes it’s important to support Farm Aid and family farmers:

“I’m proud to be a farmer’s daughter! It’s almost impossible for the small independent farmer to make it today. We don’t realize how much we depend on them and won’t until they are no more. It’s critical to support them through efforts like Farm Aid.”

Hearing from supporters like Robin inspires everyone who is part of Farm Aid. It reminds us that we are all partners in creating a better food system–one that is grown by family farmers and protects our soil and water. Farm Aid depends on the generosity of people like you so we can provide the tools and resources family farmers need to thrive on the land. We are proud to steward your gifts and honor your commitment to growing a vibrant food and farm system.

We all value the incredible work family farmers do to provide us with the good food we need. Your gift today guarantees that we can support family farmers and grow a resilient food and farm movement.

Farm Aid’s work would not be possible without your partnership. Thank you for joining us in standing with family farmers and for sharing your stories–keep them coming!

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