Willie Nelson performing at Farm Aid 2021. Photo © Brian Bruner / Bruner Photo
Willie Nelson performing at Farm Aid 2021. Photo © Brian Bruner / Bruner Photo

Blog | July 29, 2022

Join us in person or in spirit to support family farmers on September 24!

by Willie Nelson

It’s one of the highlights of my year to let you know that Farm Aid 2022 will be held at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday, September 24!

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to join my friends and fellow board artists – along with all the other generous artists who donate their performances – on stage to lift our voices in celebration of family farmers and all that they do for us. It will be a day of amazing music, food, and inspiration through the stories we’ll hear from the family farmers we’re there to thank and strengthen.

Not only do family farmers provide us with good food, but they’re also careful stewards of the soil, water, and air around us – the very resources they need to nurture us. As our earth’s climate changes, their knowledge is critical, and we need them on the land. In fact, family farmers are an important part of the solution to climate change, and we need their ingenuity and know-how.

Family farmers and ranchers are familiar with this threat because they find themselves on the frontlines of climate change every day. From devastating floods and droughts to severe storms and wildfires, our farmers face unprecedented weather extremes that threaten not only their livelihood, but our very food supply.

Family farmers are essential for us to thrive, and our support of them is essential in return. Please join me in standing up to show them that we recognize all that they do for us. Your gift in any amount makes a real difference.

"Family farmers deserve our support in growing a better kind of agriculture." – Willie Nelson

Just as in other parts of the country, farmers in North Carolina and the Southeast are already experiencing the disastrous effects of climate change. Rising temperatures and sea levels bring more intense and unpredictable weather, which affects the delicate balance of agricultural and environmental ecosystems in many ways.

While large natural disasters may easily capture national attention, climate change impacts our food system in more subtle ways too. Uncertain crop growth cycles, the ability for livestock to survive and thrive, invasive pest infestations, even access to fertile land and fresh water for irrigation – these are just some of the factors that threaten farmers and the food systems that sustain us.

By nurturing the soil that they depend upon, family farmers invest in its long-term health. This doesn’t just support their livelihoods and provide us with the good food we all need to survive. Agricultural practices that build soil health, recycle nutrients and water, reduce chemical use, and restore biodiversity offer the greatest potential for a strong food, farm, and climate future – for us all.

Your support allows Farm Aid to continue our work to keep family farmers on the land and to connect them to the resources they need to face the challenges of a changing climate. If you’re able, please consider a donation and, as a thank you for your generous gift of $75 or more, we’ll send you an official Farm Aid 2022 T-shirt so you can proudly show your support of family farmers!

Why give to Farm Aid

Farm Aid works tirelessly to connect family farmers with the resources they need and to provide the long-term strategies and solutions that strengthen family farm agriculture. Farm Aid provides emergency assistance when climate disasters strike and advocates for fair farm policies that promote sustainability, equity, resiliency, access and diversity across our food system.

We hope that you’ll be able to join us in Raleigh for Farm Aid 2022. If not, please join us by tuning in to the Farm Aid 2022 livestream or broadcast. And thanks for joining me by making a donation to support family farmers and ranchers right now.

Stay Strong and Positive,

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P.S. Don’t forget – donate now and we’ll send an official Farm Aid 2022 T-shirt in the size you select as our thanks for your generous gift of $75 or more.

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