Kevin Springs and Teresa Ervin-Springs of TKO Farming, stand on their farm in McCool, Mississippi
Kevin Springs and Teresa Ervin-Springs of TKO Farming, in McCool, Mississippi.

Blog | February 8, 2023

Growing for Their Community: Kevin Springs and Teresa Ervin-Springs on Becoming Farmers

Right before Farm Aid 2022, we read about Teresa Ervin-Springs and Kevin Springs, beginning farmers in McCool, Mississippi.  TKO Farming (short for Teresa and Kevin’s Oasis) came about when Kevin inherited a 73-acre plot of land that has been passed down through his family. Ever since, Theresa and Kevin have been on an incredible journey to learn about food and agriculture. We reached out to invite them to Farm Aid 2022, and it was wonderful to get to know them over the three days they joined us in North Carolina.

As you will see in this video, which was filmed during a break at an event on the Thursday before the festival, Teresa and Kevin are doing awe-inspiring work on their land, strengthening their community by producing good food, and stewarding the land, soil and water in ways that are good for all of us!

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