Blog | February 6, 2023

Movies and TV Shows: Our food, agriculture and music-related favorites

by Jessica Kurn

We pick movies and TV shows for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes we want to be purely entertained in a take-your-mind-off-of-your-life sort of way. Sometimes we want to go in depth on a particular issue or become better informed about the world around us. And sometimes we consume video content solely because someone recommended it to us.

Lately I’ve been in a real movie/TV rut, so I polled my Farm Aid colleagues to learn what they’re watching. Now I have a great list and I’m sharing it with you. Pull out your popcorn and check out the movies and shows below. Please let us know if you have anything to add (we’re looking for content related to food, music and agriculture). Enjoy!

Rachel Van Boven, Hotline Operator

Minari “This was such a great portrayal of farming in Arkansas, but as experienced through the lens of a recent (Korean) immigrant. So well-acted, realistic, and with a very unique perspective.”

The Menu “This one is a bit cheeky. It’s a comedy/horror that is a send-up of the highest of the high end, farm to table restaurant scene. I’m a bit of a foodie and totally understand the appeal, but also the critique of this type of food experience.”

Lori Mercer, Hotline Operator

Fantastic Fungi “Visually stunning examination of the mycelial network.”

Rotten “This is a docu-series that exposés industrial and extractive agriculture and supply chains.”

Claire Kozower, Operations Manager

My Garden of a Thousand Bees “The need to save native bees from extinction is dire. They are at severe risk due to pesticides, disease, habitat loss, and climate change. The Union for Conservation of Nature estimates that 28% of North America’s 47 bumble bee species currently face some level of extinction risk. This short film will open your eyes to the wondrous diversity of bee species and hopefully motivate you to make gardening/landscaping choices that play a role in nurturing their continued existence.”

Alexandria Ward, Farmer Services Network Manager

High on the Hog “A great series that looks at Black food culture in the United States and how African American food has shaped the greater food culture in the U.S. today.”

Matt Glidden, Online Marketing Director

The Sparks Brothers “It’s rare for me to watch a documentary about a band I’d never heard of, but The Sparks Brothers makes me rethink that stance. I came away loving much of the unique music they made over five decades, and impressed by their adaptation of different styles.”

Somebody Feed Phil “There are a lot of shows where a famous person travels to a new city, visits a few restaurants, eats a ton over a two or three days, and then moves on to the next destination. Somebody Feed Phil doesn’t really break that mold, but I’ve really appreciated the open-minded and heartfelt enthusiasm that the host, Phil Rosenthal, brings to each location. Season 5’s episodes on Oaxaca and Portland were what hooked me.”

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