Blog | June 1, 2016

An Evening with Farm Aid at Trattore Farms

by Kari Nott

Our small event series, An Evening with Farm Aid stopped by Trattore Farms on Friday, May 20. After guests enjoyed cocktails, wine and family farmer food on the patio at Trattore, Grace Potter performed a live set that attendees are still buzzing about.

California, and especially northern California, is lucky in that local food has always been a way of life. Farm Aid is lucky that we know Chef Duskie Estes! She has the chef skills and food sourcing down from local family farmers in a way that makes us mumble ‘MORE!’ in between bites.

Many of the farmers growing the food served on our menus are present at every event we have, but this evening we were lucky to have nearly every one in attendance. In addition, local activists working with family farmers were present too. All of us who spoke with Guido Frosini, who you met previously in our Farmer Hero profile, and Evan Wiig from The Farmers Guild walked away having learned more about what they, and the farmers they know, are up to in Sonoma County.

Grace Potter, who’s performed at two Farm Aid concerts in the past, played a set full of stories, charm and laughter. Along with some pretty killer rock n’ roll. I think someone offered her a house at one point… and I know the whole room belted out ‘Oooooh la la, la la la la la!’

Grace’s commitment to family farmers goes back to her roots in Vermont, eating good food and being a part of her farm community, with plenty of experience bailing hay. Her love for Farm Aid and commitment to family farmers warmed the room up on a chilly night in Geyserville.

Tim and Mary Louise Bucher hosted Farm Aid along with their impeccable staff at Trattore Farms. Tim grew up on a dairy farm in nearby Healdsburg and made his first gift to Farm Aid in 1985, calling in to give during the first concert. We’re so grateful to have the Buchers and Trattore back in the Farm Aid family all these years later.

Check out our photo gallery below, and join us at an event in the future near you! We’ll be in Brooklyn on June 25 and Dallas on October 14. Contact Kari Williams at Farm Aid for more information.

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