Blog | December 22, 2017

Our 2018 to-do list

by Carolyn Mugar

YOU are the reason we’re able to do our work to strengthen family farmers. And we need you more than ever. This year has been an especially challenging one for farmers–due to crop prices, natural disasters and our political climate. We have our work cut out for us in the coming year, but with your support we will be able to accomplish our goals. We’re not giving up.

In 2018, we’ll:

  • Make sure farmer voices are heard loud and clear, in Washington, D.C. and at the state and local levels;
  • Fight for farmers and rural residents in upcoming Farm Bill negotiations;
  • Connect farmers with the resources they need to thrive;
  • Gather engaged farmers, advocates and activists to work together;
  • Strengthen farmers and put new farmers on the land; and
  • Better equip farmers to respond to natural disasters.

This is a big to-do list, but we can do it together!

In 2017, with your help, Farm Aid:

  • Responded to hundreds of family farmers in need through our Farmer Resource Network and hotline;
  • Helped new farmers get on the land with access to credit, resources and know-how;
  • Supported family farmers as they transitioned to practices that take care of the soil and water in their communities;
  • Granted $732,000 to strengthen farmers, farm advocates and farm organizations across the country;
  • Brought farmer voices to Washington to fight for policies that level the playing field for independent family farmers;
  • Acted immediately to assist farmers and ranchers when wildfires and hurricanes struck;
  • Premiered Homeplace Under Fire, our documentary film about the farm advocates who rose up from the Farm Crisis of the 1980s and who continue to work for family farmers; and
  • Brought together more than 23,000 people to rally for family farm agriculture at Farm Aid 2017 in Burgettstown, PA, with pre-events that gathered farmers, eaters, policymakers, advocates and activists to work together for change.

All of this extraordinary work makes a real difference in the lives of farm families, and all of us who eat. We can’t do this work without you.

When we strengthen family farmers, we are all stronger!

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