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The Farmworker Association of Florida


Apopka, FL

Solidarity during the Campesino-a-Campesino Agroecology Encuentro.

Farmworkers are among the poorest and least protected workers in the United States. And although they work directly with food, they often have a difficult time obtaining fresh and healthy options for themselves and their families. The Farmworker Association of Florida was established to help farmworkers produce organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for their families and communities. This work strengthens the farmworker community and creates a deep sense of pride, while at the same time instilling sustainable food systems knowledge.

Farmworkers attending the Encuentro.

Farmworkers attending the Encuentro.

The Farmworker Association of Florida hosts in-depth learning opportunities for farmworkers—including the Campesino-a-Campesino Agroecology Encuentro, a multicultural, intergenerational gathering focused on sustainable agriculture practices. The Encuentro brought together 55 farmworkers, peasant farmers, allies and supporters from 19 organizations and four countries. This gathering served as a learning opportunity, a knowledge exchange, and also strengthened the organization’s commitment to agroecology as a foundation for building food sovereignty.

Strengthening the farmworker community fortifies the food system. “Farm Aid is exemplary of small farmers banding together to improve the food system and to support the viability and success of small farms…we are proud to be among the Farm Aid family and to be connected to the mission of Farm Aid.”

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