Celebrating 30 years of Farm Aid giving

Powder River Basin Resource Council


Sheridan, WY

Educating the public about upcoming legislative actions.

Powder River Basin Resource Council empowers people and fosters change through community organizing. An example of the organization’s impact is the instrumental role they played in the successful passage of Wyoming’s Local Food Production Resolution and Sheridan County’s companion bill. Powder River worked at the grassroots level with county officials, suggesting ideas, language and giving compelling testimony to ensure that farmers could sell fresh produce and processed agricultural products on their own land to meet the growing consumer demand for local foods. Direct farm sales like these are an important financial win for family farmers.

Powder River is continuing to build upon these successful initiatives by expanding their outreach and education efforts, growing their Farm to School program, supporting programs that will attract and encourage new producers and addressing federal regulations that impact Powder River’s farmers and ranchers. “Farm Aid grants have allowed Powder River to educate and empower our membership to participate in the local, state and national debates that will impact their way of life.”

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