Celebrating 30 years of Farm Aid giving

Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society


Ceresco, NE

A Nebraska Young Farmer Night in downtown Omaha, NE.

The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society (NSAS) is a grassroots membership organization that promotes agriculture and food systems that build healthy land, people, communities and quality of life, for present and future generations. One of the ways that the organization encourages community and quality of life is through their Nebraska Young Farmers Nights. These events, held throughout the state, are geared at creating a strong community among beginning farmers and “putting the culture back in our farms and food.” These events are popular—hosted at 18 farms, with over 800 people in attendance!

A Nebraska Young Farmer Nights near Raymond, NE.

A Nebraska Young Farmer Nights near Raymond, NE.

A recent Young Farmer Night was held at the 26th Street Farm in Hastings, Nebraska. This small farm is run by partners, William Boal and Hannah Keen, who received NSAS’ Young Farmer of the Year award for their dedication to building a strong community. They say that these events are about bonding with other beginning farmers—sharing food and conversation with people in similar situations.

For this farmer-led nonprofit, “having the opportunity to be a part of a grants program that is from a national leader in agriculture is crucial. Many federal grants exclude realistic possibilities and opportunities for non-profits…Farm Aid is a pioneer in providing grassroots foundational support for fellow nonprofits in agriculture.”

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