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Land for Good


Keene, NH

Land for Good helps young farmers get on the land.

Land for Good ensures the future of farming in New England by securing land for farmers. Success in this work stems from understanding that the relationship between farmers and landowners must be carefully managed and nourished. That’s why Jimmy turned to Land for Good to change his casual land agreement with his neighbor into a more formal lease arrangement. The neighbors were on good terms and didn’t want to ruin their relationship with jargon and legalese. Land for Good not only helped craft a lease, but also taught them that good leases strengthen relationships and avoid conflict down the road. The customized agreement reflected both parties’ wishes to share certain portions of the property, adjusted the rent based on farm sales and eventually enabled a land purchase.

Farmers preparing for market.

Farmers preparing for market.

With Farm Aid support, Land for Good educates and assists hundreds of farmers like Jimmy with accessing and transferring land. In addition, they say that Farm Aid grants help them leverage other philanthropic and government support: “A Farm Aid grant is prestigious. We feel we are part of a high profile and impactful organization that champions the causes we work on. So in the longer term, it helps to say that we are recognized and supported by Farm Aid.”

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