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Friends of Family Farmers


Molalla, OR

Friends of Family Farmer’s 3rd biennial ‘Family Farms Mean Business’ rally.

Friends of Family Farmers (FoFF) puts boots on the ground throughout Oregon to support socially responsible farming and local food. They organize listening sessions and farmer rallies that draw hundreds of farmers. Their recent efforts have resulted in regulations that promote small-scale poultry farmers, and have increased produce and meat sales for Oregon farmers through farmers markets, buying clubs and community supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

FoFF has worked on behalf of family farmers in many different legislative capacities. Following other farmer listening sessions, FoFF drafted the Agricultural Reclamation Act, which was signed into Oregon law in 2010, and refreshed in 2015. This serves as the centerpiece of the organization’s advocacy efforts. This past year, FoFF also organized their 3rd biennial ‘Family Farms Mean Business’ rally, which facilitated contact between farmers and nearly every of Oregon’s 90 legislators.

Farm Aid grants “have made getting out to farming communities possible since 2009, helping us to learn straight from the voices of Oregon farmers where critical advocacy is needed.”



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