All About HOMEGROWN Food


  • Meats, dairy and eggs come from farms where livestock is grass-fed, organic or pastured.
  • GMO ingredients in snacks, oils and sugars are eliminated.
  • You’ll find farm fresh local produce, as much organic as possible.


Local beers, wines and craft sodas are featured. Water is in aluminum cans or boxed. Plastic water bottles are eliminated.

Waste management

Your serviceware is compostable or recyclable. Thank you for separating materials into the proper containers to minimize landfill. This venue commits to recycle and compost waste after the show.

Thank you for joining Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the LOVE EARTH tour and for helping to make this tour a proud effort in sustainability. These delicious food and beverage choices make a better world by promoting healthy soils and cleaner water, all while supporting our family farmers and local economies.

We are thankful that each venue committed to making these changes. The culinary team of Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Concessions®, guided each venue to source food ingredients and beverages that adhere to the qualities above.

It takes effort and creativity to accomplish these goals. We are glad we are all in this together! Enjoy!

HOMEGROWN by Farm Aid, Sonya and Glenda

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