Farm Aid 2023 Production Credits

Executive Producer: Willie Nelson

Creative Director: Mark Rothbaum

Producers: Rich MacDonald with Carolyn Mugar, Glenda Yoder, Jennifer Fahy and Caroline Campbell McCormick

Producer and Production Manager: Charlie Hernandez

The Roadies: Chris Deters, Gino Cardelli, Scott Grebe, Donny Clay, Nick Foster, Aaron Williams, Heather Rogan, Tom Davis, Tony Fulkerson and Mathew Fulkerson

Production Rigger: Paul Ingwersen

ESM: Andrea Fulkerson

Production Coordinator: Jean Dalsin

Artist Relations: Briseis Guthrie and Meg MacDonald

Artist Hospitality: Esther Bloch

Ground Transportation: Shane Martin

Operations: Brian Market, Adam Baker, Nikki Sullivan, Colin Classen, Bob Divins

Credentials: Aaron Bach, Arnett Designs

Security: Steve MacDonald

Lighting: John Huddleston, Upstaging Lighting

Lighting Crew: Joshua Wagner, Matt Bialek, Brian Alm, Abby Johnson and Scott Walsh

Lighting Designer/Director: Jason Robinson

Lighting Design Operations: Christopher Keene, Ross McNamara, Troy Eckerman, Kota Earnhardt, Mike Hosp and Mike Nevitt

Audience Lighting and Staging: Mid America Staging: Jason Wells

Mid America Crew: Robert Dilk, Melissa Franklin and Tim Meggenhofen

Motion Control: Dodd Technologies: Nic Claypool

Sound: Clair Global: Troy Clair, Robert Drewes, M.L Procise (1985-2014) and Greg Hall

Sound Crew: Josh Lozano, Tristan Robbins, Kenneth Teaster II and Shannon Fitzpatrick, Richard Peraza, Martin Santos, Brittni Werner, Casey Harriman, Joshua Hughes, Parker Wruck, Zachary Butler, Hunter McNally, Cody Seaver, Alexander Warrick and George Musa

Video Screens: Nighthawk: Le Todd LePere and Leon Roll

Nighthawk Crew: Krystena Rice, Owen Lee Shull, Bryan Keyes and Iain Donham

Screenworks Video Crew: Joel Bennett, Wilky Black, Jaimie Cantrell, Lu Cotto, Anya Cox, Alex Difante, Michael Glumicich, Johnny Houston, Mark Johnson, Ben Kaleshefski, Patrick Kligel, Brian Lockwood, Michael Miller, Rob Taylor, Tim Watson, Drewcilla Wilson, George Lambros, Steven Rausch and Zainool Hamid

Circle Producer: Kymberly Booth-Higgs

Video Monitors: Nighthawk: Todd LePere, Leon Roll and Peter Moll

Backline: Clair Backline

Backline Crew: Josh Lozano and George Musa

Audio Recording: Little Dog Live; John Harris

Audio Recording Crew: Jody Elff, Damon Schoepke, Rob Macomber, Mark Bass, Damon Andres, Luke Kieran and Jamie Macomber

Lighting and Trucking: Upstaging Lighting Trucking: Robert Carone, Robin Shaw, John Huddleston, Chanon DiCarlo, Jennifer Clark and Evan Lawrence

Lorry Drivers: Joey Fisher, Aaron Reinsmith, Les Russell, Nick Pierce, Bob Scheel, Biegert, Jim Reid, Joseph Gray, Alex Vargas and Roger Falloon

Video Director: Danny O’Bryen

Radios: AAA Communications: Ronnie Martinelli, Lori Raccioppi and Linda Shepard

Camera Operators: Brian Littleton and Joe Weir

Circle TV

Evan Haiman, Executive Producer

James Kruger, Producer

Scott Unruh, Editor & Graphics

Erin Gifford, Associate Producer & Editor

John Frech, Social

Farm Photos for Set Design

Scott Streble, Laurie Bonneau, Sabine Carey, Lise Metzger, Patty O’Brien and Molly Peterson

Farmer Stories

Producer/Director: Susan Steiner

Camera: Rex Miller

Editor: Christo Tsiaras

Sound: Mark Barroso

Décor & Signage: Laurie LeBlanc. Signs by Pip and Lane Signs. Flowers via The Local Flower Hub of Central Indiana and sourced from Flying Dirt Farm, Firm Root Farm, Balanced Harvest Farm, Shady Grove Flower Farm, Holloway’s Garden, and Something Somehow Pretty Amazing.

Volunteer Coordinator: Cyndi Kruise


Vanguard Communications: Brenda Foster, Brittany Vanderpool, Camille Jewell, Riley Smith and Crystal Borde.

Sponsorship Team: Integrated Market Solutions, Inc.: Dennis Gorg, Michael Caskey, DenniG Gorg, Mike Steinbacher, Heather Repka, Anne Roberts and Matt Harper


Sonya Dagovitz, Culinary Director

Justin Betzer, Catering Manager

Legends Hospitality, Concessions

Webcast Coordinator: Matt Glidden

Webcast Streaming: PSSI Global Services

Event Logo: Matthew Fleming


Merchandise Director: Rick Roth, Mirror Image

Merchandise Sourcing: Glenda Yoder, Rick Roth
Merchandise Operations: Pam Ikegami, Allison Ray, Christina Wild and Eliza Moore
Merchandise designs:  Mirror Image, Brian Lessard, Alyx Spurrier, Matthew Fleming and Michelle Moxley Hruby

Screenprinting and Embroidery: Mirror Image
Transportation: Brian Murphy and Jonah Erikson

Farm Aid Legal: Greenburg Traurig, Jess Rosen

Farm Aid 2023 Sponsors
Hard Truth Distilling Company
Patagonia Workwear

Farm Aid Staff

Shorlette Ammons, Program Director

Caitlin Arnold Stephano, Hotline Program Manager

Caroline Campbell McCormick, Operations Director

Molly Carey, Hotline Operator

Jennifer Fahy, Communications Director

Caroline Fiore, Development Manager

Michael Foley, Cultural Impact Director

Ashley Garfias, Hotline Operator

Matt Glidden, Online Marketing Director

Tony Glover, Hotline Operator

Haylen Kaila, Operations and Development Coordinator

Claire Kozower, Operations Manager

Lori Mercer, Hotline Operator

Carolyn Mugar, Executive Director

Cristina Sandolo, Grant Program Manager

Jessica Smith Kurn, Online Communications & Marketing Manager

Steve Snyder, Development & Brand Director

Hannah Tremblay, Policy & Advocacy Manager

Rachel Van Boven, Hotline Operator

Alexandria Ward, Farmer Services Network Manager

Glenda Yoder, Associate Director

Farm Aid Board of Directors

Dave Matthews

John Mellencamp

Annie Nelson

Lana Nelson

Willie Nelson

Margo Price

Mark Rothbaum

Evelyn Shriver

Neil Young

Live Nation

Karl Adams, Head of Large Venue Operations

Andrew Newport, Regional Vice President Venue Operations

Dave Clark, Great Lakes Regional President

Scott Dorrell, Assistant General Manager

Allison Nicholson, Operations Manager

Marc Elfenbaum, Director of Production

Chris O’Connor, Director of Ticketing

Kyle Johnston, Director – Regional Marketing

Anthonie Lardierre, Legends Hospitality & Entertainment

Meredith Smith, Sustainability Manager

Andy Yates, Head of Food and Beverage – Venue Nation

Maureen Lynch, Director Food and Beverage

Recorded at Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville, IN, Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.

© Farm Aid, Inc.

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