Farm Aid 2016 Credits

Production Credits

Executive Producer: Willie Nelson
Creative Director: Mark Rothbaum
Producer: Ron Stern
Production Manager: Charlie Hernandez
Site Coordinator: Rich MacDonald
Stage Manager: Steve Gudis

The Roadies: Dug Wuest, Bart Durbin, Rob Richards, Michele Morin, Mike Washer, Nick Foster and Heather Rogan

Production Coordinators: Andrea Fulkerson, Jean Dalsin and Megan MacDonald

Artist Advance: Vicki Krone

Talent Coordinators: Kim Taylor and Mike Krone

Artist Hospitality: Esther Bloch

Crew Travel Coordinator: Charles Zimmer

Ground Transportation: Lindsay Goldfarb and Danielle DiDonato

Credentials: Aaron Bach/Arnett Designs

Security: Steve MacDonald

Lighting: John Huddleston/Upstaging Lighting

Lighting Crew: Ken “Junior” Burns, Mike Hosp, Ed Duda, Scott Flaws, Mike Ponsiglione

Lighting Designer/Director: Jason Robinson

Lighting Design Operations: Dave Maxwell, Troy Eckerman, Brent Sandrock, Ross McNamara, Roger Gruchalski

Sound: Troy Clair, Robert Drewes, M.L Procise (1985-2014), Greg Hall /Clair Global

Sound Crew: Don Baker, Tim Banas, Mike “Coach” Conner, Tom “Duds” Ford, Hank Fury, Arnie Hernandez, Charlie Hernandez, Steve Hupkowicz, Chris Neimeyer, Howard Page, Mark Potzler, Chris Schutz, Keith Smuder, Jordan Turner

Video Screens: Ben Rader, Skip Twitchell / PRGNocturne, Danny O’Bryen/Screenworks NEP

Video Crew: Pia Eerikainen, Mike Johnson, Tim Lockwood, Gene McAuliffe, Danny O’Bryen, Ramon Pastrana, Elliot Roll, Mike “Sinky” Sienkiewicz, Matthew Thonus, Tim Watson

Backline: Clair Backline

Backline Crew: Matt Borders

Audio Recording: Kooster McAllister / Record Plant Remote

Audio Recording Crew: Justin LaRocque, Kooster McAllister, Paul Special, Greg Thompson, Jason Turner

Local Labor

IATSE Local 22
Teamsters Local 355
Teamsters Local 538
Teamsters Local 639
Teamsters International VP John Murphy

Trucking: Robert Carone, Chanon DiCarlo / Upstaging Trucking

Radios: Ron Martinelli / AAA Communications

Sonya Dagovitz, Farm Aid Culinary Director


Brett Bond, Taste Event Catering

Jiffy Lube Live Concessions

Legends Hospitality

Composting Coordination: Anne Bedarf, Derek Bedarf

Compost Removal: Veteran Compost

Banner Designs: Icon Interactive and Vanguard Communications

Farm Aid Board of Directors

David Anderson
Paul English
Richard Fields
Joel Katz
Dave Matthews
John Mellencamp
Lana Nelson
Willie Nelson
Mark Rothbaum
Evelyn Shriver
Neil Young

Farm Aid Staff

Laura Brookshire, Program Manager
Caroline Campbell McCormick, Operations Director
Emily Eagan, Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Fahy, Communications Director
Matt Glidden, Online Marketing Director
Don Graham, Office Manager
Alicia Harvie, Advocacy & Issues Director
Jessica Kurn, Online Communications Specialist
Caroline Malcolm, Development Manager
Jennie Msall, Farm Advocate
Carolyn Mugar, Executive Director
Hilde Steffey, Program Director
Kari Williams, Development Director
Glenda Yoder, Associate Director


Vanguard Communications: Brenda Foster, Brittany Vanderpool, Sangeetha Sarma, Faith James and Crystal Borde

Sponsorship & Hospitality

Integrated Market Solutions, Inc.: Dennis W. Gorg, Michael A. Caskey, Candace Wetherford, Denny G, and Mike Steinbacher

Farm Aid App



Event Logo: Icon Interactive

Merchandise Operations: Rick Roth, Pam Ikegami and Brian Murphy

T-Shirt Screen Printing: Rick Roth/Mirror Image

Event T-Shirt: Metawear, Fairfax, VA

Poster Printing: Jakprints

Waterbottles: Liberty Bottleworks

Transportation: Rick Roth and Brian Murphy

Merchandise Designs: Franc Graham, Brian Lessard, KC Hruby and Sadie St. Germain

Official Photographers

Ebet Roberts, Brian Bruner, Sabine Carey, Patty O’Brien and Eleanor Smith

Pre-Sale Ticketing



Greenberg Traurig, Jess Rosen


Evan Haiman – Executive Producer
Allyson Vecchione – Producer
Danny O’Bryen – Director
Chris Markwell – Tech Manager
James Kruger – Production Manager

Live OTT Encoding & Distribution Services

Procella Media

Live Nation/Jiffy Lube Live

Wilson Howard, President Live Nation
Ted Mankin, VP of Booking
Matt Rogers, VP of Operations and GM
Jeff Weinhold, Director of Ticketing
Jeremiah Xenakis, Director of Marketing
Peter Hansen, Production Manager
Craig Cope, Operations Manager
Belinda Cumberland, Operations Coordinator

Farm Aid Donors

Colleen Bartlett
Yan Besner
Tim & Mary Louise Bucher
Tom & Connie D’Ambra
Joe DeFeo
M. Lavin
Brian & Debbie Leedom
Paul & Renee Salden
Phillip Wegman
Stephen & Liora Yalof

Farm Aid Development Advisory Board

Yan Besner
Will Dailey
The DeFeo Family
M. Lavin
Deb & Brian Leedom
Robert & Kaci Lyford
Randy Poe
Kevin & Ashley Steed

Recorded at Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, Virginia, Live Nation Worldwide.

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