Blog | August 12, 2011

Will Dailey, The Concert and Inspiring Appreciation for Family Farmers

MattOne thing that’s really rewarding about the Farm Aid experience is seeing how a concert can do more and be more than just about the music. Seeing the spark go off in someone’s mind about the importance of family farmers after they meet a farmer at the show, or eat the HOMEGROWN concessions we serve is really inspiring. It extends to watching how the musicians themselves react before, during and after the show.

Will Dailey’s played at Farm Aid twice before, and will play again on Saturday with The Rivals, but this video shows him in Kentucky on his Road to Farm Aid Tour. As he makes his way to Kansas City, he’s been inviting farm groups to his shows and bringing a little of the Farm Aid experience to more cities. Listen to his thoughtful discussion here with Beth Nolte from the Community Farm Alliance, and I think you’ll agree that he’s a perfect artist to spread the Farm Aid message across the country.

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